That our clothes or bag have the wrong zipper can become a headache. If it breaks or if your teeth get out of place, we can damage the clothing or accessories we wear.
If you want to guarantee that your parts have a quality replacement, consult ZipperShipper. They have a variety of different types of clothing.

They have aluminum metal zippers, very strong for the heaviest pieces of clothing that need teeth that hold enough.

In these cases, they use those of great resistance denominated # 10 that is useful to place in jackets, coveralls, blue jeans and other types of garments.
In the case of coveralls, which are clothes that tend to wear a lot, they have 60-inch zippers. It is recommended for this wardrobe one that has two addresses, made in brass or a number 10 of antique brass.

Heavy-duty metal zippers for canvas

According to your requirements, they have the service of resistant heavy duty metal zippers for canvas, for Jeep vehicles or other sports vehicles. The replacements are made with high-end nylon and cost half the price it would charge to buy a new lid.

This piece is composed of two sliders, with two handles each, to access internally and externally. They are called zippers to separate. Users, who use these products, refer to this closure as one of the best, above the original.

Closures for coats and heavier garments

In the stock, you can also find full zippers, which are used in winter coats, closed from top to bottom and vice versa. If you are looking to give a new life to the garment, you can put a 9 or 10 calibers. The materials vary between metal, molded plastic, nylon, among others, this will make the coat look as good as possible.

Zips for tents

This is one of the implements that most requires having a functional zipper because if it is damaged, you could stay sleeping outside or locked inside a tent.

For this case, they have from 6 feet, which are 72 inches, up to 30 feet, equivalent to 360 inches. That of # 10 is the most recommended for tents. These have molded plastic teeth and with high resistance to tolerate the climatic conditions of the moment.

The plastic weighs less than the metal but depends on the need of the customer. The product has sliders that automatically lock when the tab that opens is down, and this prevents it from moving.

The two-handle closures are recommended to open or close from inside or outside the store.

Closures for bridal gowns

Even for these delicate items, there is a solution because placing a lower quality can lead to the breakage of the suit. In this case, an invisible zipper is positioned for a heavy-duty # 4.

Remember that they are the brand that is made to last.

If your problem is with the zippers, contact them here: (818) 659-6053


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