The human race has existed for a great deal of time now and have since developed variously in appearance, behavior, intelligence, structure, strength, ability, perception and much more. The documented time shows the lives of several billion people, all born between several millions of years under the same planetary rotation of the earth, which is of 365 days or 52.177 weeks. Those currently studying astrology and even astrologers predict the future by the positions of the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon. They have their own interpretations and resources. Predictions are obviously varied. However, there are similarities that hold true in the definition of each one's zodiac sign. For example, all 500 people born in August at the exact same date will have some relationship with each other in terms of their memories, philosophies, beliefs and behaviors. Again, you have to consider how many people were born on the same moment in time. It is interesting to see if there is any spiritual connection between such people.

This spiritual connection or relationship is what Carl Jung referred to as "collective consciousness". The collective consciousness is Jung's interpretation to address the connections between dreams, anthropology and the dualism of life. However, most people believe only in facts which are evidence-based. What is more important than the physical evidence of astrology is the fact that it is meant to get people thinking about the world and the relationship between different aspects.

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