Zoho Workplace is a set of tools that empower a workforce to collaborate, create or communicate more effectively and efficiently. These tools can be classified in three ways:

A full-featured office suite is part of Zoho Workplace including Zoho Writer which is used to write and edit documents, Zoho Sheets which is used to create and edit spreadsheets with relevant data and Zoho Show, a presentation slideshow editor.

● Zoho Docs supports collaboration amongst team members; documents created are automatically stored and shared in the cloud.
● Zoho Showtime supports sharing presentations with other colleagues. It has a built-in audience engagement tool that collects ratings and questions in real time while the presentation is delivered.
● Zoho Sites Website editing in an intuitive CMS platform for creating and editing and publishing the website easily and quickly.
Zoho Mail is a professional email client that is ideal for businesses to process, share and comment on their email communications.
● Zoho Chat is available for instant communication and feedback.
Zoho Connect, a communication tool that can handle all of the remaining forms of modern corporate communications that may be required by businesses.

By helping, companies collaborate in real time and by giving them the ability to communicate more effectively, Zoho Workplace adds immediate value at the very affordable price.

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