Eat in moderation, eat more fruits and vegetables and focus on one protein at every meal. This is a strategy for hormonal balance. What is the Zone diet? The hormone balance that occurs every time you eat. A perfect balance. Here’s what will happen if you follow this diet:

# You think faster – Zone diet keeps your blood sugar levels stable;
# You’ll train better – Zone diet increases the amount of oxygen to cells;
# Will look better – Zone diet burns fat in the fastest possible way;
# You will not be hungry between meals – your brain is constantly supplied with primary fuel namely blood sugar.

The best reason to follow the Zone Diet is a huge health gain. The only way to have good health is to have control of your diet.

Level 1: grandmother’s rules

# Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Your body is composed of 70% water, which can easily be lost;

# Eat more fruits and vegetables and less pasta and bread;

# Eat more meals with fewer calories;

# Eat small amounts of protein at every meal.

The result: you will not gain fat.

Level 2: hormonal rules

# Carbohydrates come in fruits and vegetables. Watch as pasta and bread will not represent more than 25% of the total carbohydrates consumed in a meal;

I always eat breakfast during the time when you wake up;

I always get a snack before bed;

I always get a snack-type area 30 minutes before training.

Result: You did everything possible to acquire a super health.

Here’s a trick.

Divide a sheet of paper into three columns. The left is to write down the foods we eat and the time you eat.

You will see a pattern over time. In the middle, note how hungry you were before eating. Pay grades from 1 to 5, 1 being not so hungry and 5 meaning high hunger. This column tells you hungry or eating for reasons other boredom, anxiety or loneliness. The right column is to write down how you felt after eating.

Keep this diary for a week. Then study the results. Seeing clearly what you eat, such as when and you can see exactly what needs to change.

Be patient and stick to your diet – Your body needs some months to adjust to the new routine. Be persistent and do not quit. Continue because it is a slow but healthy. Be proud that you made these healthy choices for yourself.

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