Designed with extreme versatility and great features, Zoom H6 is surely the best digital recorder. If you are looking for a recorder in budget for recording great quality audio, then this is the one. It is perfect for the interviewers, musicians and film-makers to record. It is surely one of the best handheld recorders as it is quite flexible in its functionality. Also, it has some impressive specification and features. This device can record up to 6 tracks with amazing quality along with two 12 decibel backup tracks. To know more about the Zoom H6 manual, read on.

Key Features:

The Zoom H6 is full of innovative and great features that surely make this product highly beneficial. These features surely increase the functionality of this digital recorder. Here are some of the key features:

#1: Recording features: With the pre-record, auto-record and backup record, you will never miss any take. These features are highly beneficial as it will keep a backup record for you safely. Even the auto-record feature allows you to start the recording automatically when a certain level of sound can be detected.

#2: Sound control: The Zoom H6 can provide you with the best quality sound recording as it can polish the frequency level automatically. Even if there is any level of sound which is beyond the threshold level, it will reduce it automatically.

#3: Great battery backup: Another great feature of this Zoom H6 manual is that it has an amazing battery backup. This H6 requires 4 AA batteries which can be rechargeable or even Alkaline. Battery can last up to 20 hours even when you are continuously recording.

#4: Supports SD card: This digital recorder can directly save the tracks to the SD card. It supports both the SDXC cards as well as SDHC cards up to 128 gigabytes. So, you can save and access to a huge amount of data in this digital recorder.

#5: Record in 2 formats: Another great feature of this Zoom H6 is that it can record audio in two different file formats. These two file formats are MP3 and WAV. WAV are the uncompressed files where all the recorded data remains intact without any bits removed. On the other hand, MP3 is the compressed version. You can Check the products on Musical Instruments Store

Manual Operation for DIY

Any musicians or film-makers will surely love this part. With the help of USB connectivity option, you can receive and send the digital data to and from this digital recorder. With the help of audio interface you can manually adjust the data to create a customized stereo mix. You can customize each and every part manually to create the best version.


Surely with so many amazing features and great operations, you will fall in love with the Zoom H6 manual digital recorder. The audio recorded by this device is quite clear which is perfect for professional uses too. So, if you are looking for the best digital recorder for your work to record any audio, then this is the best option. It provides many more great features and amazing benefits that you will surely love to explore.

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