Impeccability – We have improved!

You have heard there is always room for improvement. We believe that too. That is why we have just updated the Landing page at ZOX Pro Training with Guide VIDEOS! (

Please take a look for yourself. (The new videos are strategically staged far into the page.)

For our ZOX Pro Training clients, it may not be that interesting, until you have lost your password and are looking for instructions how to get a new one issued to you. It is right there in video support! There are a few other items you may not be overly familiar with, so you may still find it valuable.

We wanted our potential clients (you) to feel unencumbered to make the decision to come on board with ZOX Pro Training. We know, just to embark on the unknown path to purchasing something that is every persons dream, almost sounds too good to be true. And with the ‘stories’ you hear about doing business on the Internet – Watch Out! We wanted to alleviate your burden when you are dealing with us.

We have created a series of 3 videos that take you by the hand and guide you through the:

Purchase Process – Steps you through what you would do.
Registration Process – Again, we hold your hand through this.
Behind the Door of ZOX Pro Training – For you to see how EASY it is.

So, this is really great news for our ZOX Pro Training Clients, our ZOX Pro Training Affiliates, and all the rest of the world (6,000,000,000 +) that has not been to yet. When they get to, it will be easier than ever for them to get through the process without feeling they are taking the typical risk of making purchases over the Internet.

We want you to fixate on learning how to use your brain. Worrying about how to negotiate the Internet is not what you should be focusing on. We want you to learn how to access your eidetic memory, commonly known as your photographic memory, increase memory naturally, tune up your brain to be a stellar decision maker, and leave old outdated learning like ‘reading’ in the dust, by learning Mental Photography, which we also call ZOXing!

Stay tuned for more good news for your brain, at Mind To Mind – The Brain Accelerator.

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Shannon Panzo, PhD is Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancement techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students / clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking your unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography. and

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