Testimonial of my experience with Brain Management


Comparison to PHOTOREADING by Enzo C.

Before Brain Management I was stuck in my studies. With a highly educated background this was also a big problem for my family.

As a result of Brain Management, today I am not only doing my studies of law without effort, I have also started to study business economy as well.

This change has occurred by using ZOX Pro Training to improve my mental photography.

I had previously attended a couple of seminars on “PhotoReading” and had been very disappointed. Whilst I did experience some benefits, the results were not those that were promised in the seminar literature.

When I first purchased the ZOX Pro Training, I thought that because it was so cheap, it was probably underpowered. I am happy to report, that exact opposite is true – ZOX Pro is more feature packed than it appears. Yes, the creators of ZOX Pro have made it easy to learn a very vast and complex system.

There are a number of different Brain Management Training offerings, and

I have completed every one. Below, I outline my impression and experience with the ZOX Pro Training course.

(for clarity: Brain Management, Subliminal Dynamics and ZOX Pro are all the same; Mental Photography is also called Subliminal Photography and ZOXing.)

ZOX Pro Training

ZOX Pro Training is an online-course that comprises eight audio modules (which are accessible from the Internet) and a student guide. You can download the student guides for every module, the audio files for the first module and four relaxation sessions. (And of course you have life-long access to the whole course online!)

It is recommended to do the whole training within a week (that will take you about an hour a day) and you do this two times to fill in the gaps.

There is a big FAQ-section that already answers a lot of questions and the ability to ask anything else is done by opening a support ticket (which is usually answered within 24 hours). Additional support training is even sent by email.

ZOX Pro Training provides you with all of the tools, just in a condensed format that is easy to understand.

As you might be a sceptic person and may ponder about spending money for a seminar (and maybe the costs for a journey as well) this will provide you a good insight into the matter. ZOX Pro Training costs only ~200 dollars and comes with a 60-day-money-back-guarantee.

As further background, I would like to share my experience in discovering Brain Management and ZOX Pro training and how they compare with “PhotoReading”.

In summer 2009, I came across a book called “PhotoReading” by Paul Scheele. The more I read, the more excited I got. It seemed like the answer on all of my questions. It seemed like the explanation for all of my difficulties in school.

As I said earlier, I attended a couple of “PhotoReading” seminars and did not experience the benefits that had been promised.

The first seminar was interesting even if it was obvious to me that the instructor did not have the ability to use her photographic memory (that the course made claims of).

I practiced the exercises at home but quit after a while because no results took place. I did not want to give it up completely, so I “photoread” a book once in a while.

Five months later the second part of the seminar took place. I participated not only because I was curious and hopeful; first of all I had already paid for it.

But again, in the second part we learned” nothing else but to photoread a few books of the same topic without a break to gain complete information upon one topic – the course did not deliver what it promised. I hoped so much that I would get further explanations or exercises that will help me to use my photographic memory… It did not!

I knew that there was more. It really seemed possible…

At that time I blamed the instructor, I thought that it was her fault.

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ZOX Pro Training has over 35 years of experience in helping people, just like you, improve their life. It’s been independently tested and used by people around the world. It works! Good decision makers are informed, and provide solutions quickly. To change and improve in today’s world you need volumes of quality information.

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