Where I live, in the dead of night people whose gardens have produced many of those monster zucchini will sneak onto the doorsteps of their neighbors and leave them. Here is a recipe to make easy and fantastic use of one or more of the monsters.

Got a steamer? If not put a colander or large strainer that fits a pot into it in such a way the handles of the colander/strainer keep it from falling in. Now a lid will fit loosely because of the insert. Now you have a steamer!

Cut the monster in half the long way, lengthwise. Cut it into bite sized pieces, skin and all. Put it in the steamer, colander or strainer.

Next, peel an onion (Cut one end partly off, then pick up the onion and continue with the knife, cutting the other end all the way off, until you come back to the beginning point. Then pull the two round 'cheeks' off. It's peeled.) and cut in in half, then cut each half into chunks. Chunks are accomplished by making equidistant slices three or four times, first one way and then the other.

Look at the pile of zucchini there, and make a little less height of onion chunks. Usually this is two onions per big zucchini. I don't know how big your zucchini is, though; but it doesn't matter really what the ration is.

Put the onion chunks on top of the zucchini chunks. If you have some curry, your body will thank you for sprinkling some on top of the onions.

Put the lid on. In about 20 to 25 minutes, it's done. But you aren't finished yet-- unless you want to be, because this is already pretty good eating.

Open perhaps two cans of stewed tomatoes. Put them in a large nonstick pot, no lid on. Put your zucchini-onion mix in the company of the stewed tomato.



Not bad: No fat, no pot to scrub, low calorie, vegetables all, and not much trouble.

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