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How does United Airlines change flights?
Looking for the answer to "How do I change a United Airlines flight?", please read the detailed steps below to help you understand United's flight change procedures.
United Airlines flight changes on the same day:
Is there any sudden plan change? Don't worry, you can enjoy the worry-free service of United Airlines changing your booking on the same day or waiting on a different flight, but you will be charged for this.
Compared with changing flights on different dates in advance, passengers who change their flight bookings to a different time slot on the same day (through the same-day flight change or standby) will need to pay a smaller penalty. You can apply for the same-day flight change through the official website of United Airlines or the ticket counter of each airline.
United Airlines same-day flight change rules:
Your new flight should:
• Depart/arrive at the same airport on the same day as your original flight.
• The same number of stops in the same airport as your original flight.
• Operated and marketed by United Airlines or United eagle.
• Any passenger can wait for the earlier flight, but the airline only provides standby service for the later flight of the day for elite members.
• Changes and standby for the day depending on the availability of specific flights.
Steps for the same day's flight:
step 1:
Call United Airlines Reservations at +1-8883030478 and ask the representative to change your flight reservation. The departure time of the new flight should be within 1 to 12 hours after you call.
Step 2:
If you are already at the airport, please go to the United Airlines self-service kiosk or counter. Use your credit card or any other personal identification (such as a passport) to activate the kiosk and find your booking with the airline. You will see instructions on the screen to change the flight based on availability. A change fee will be charged, which can be paid directly at the airport by credit/debit card. Obtain a new boarding pass from the machine.
Step 3:
If you are already at the airport, please contact their representative at any United Airlines kiosk or counter. The representative will provide you with options for flights to your destination, which will depart within the next 12 hours. There is a change fee, which you can pay directly to the representative. Receive your new boarding pass.
Steps to fly at any time:
step 1:
Visit United's official website and find the "My Bookings" tab on the United Homepage.
Step 2:
Log in with your account credentials or try to find the flight you want to change by recording the locator code. The record locator code consists of six characters and must be printed on your reservation ticket.
Step 3:
Select the booking you want to change. Click the "Change Flight" button. If the button is grayed out or missing, your flight cannot be changed online and you should contact United Airlines Reservations by phone.
the fourth step:
Now search for new flights when prompted. Select your alternative flight and click "Continue". Confirm all changes and pay all fees charged and the fare difference. If the flight departure time is within the next 24 hours, please print a new boarding pass.
United Airlines Flight Change Fee:
Below are the different criteria and conditions for United Airlines flight change fee charges.
Fees by market:
Market Same-Day Confirmed Change Service Standby Service
Puerto Rico, U.S, and the U.S. Virgin Islands $75 $75
The Caribbean and Canada $75 No
Between/through London Heathrow (LHR) and New York (JFK) $150 No
Complimentary Change/Standby:
Passenger / ticket type Confirmed Change Service Standby Service
AAdvantage® Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro status (and companions in the same reservation) Yes Yes
Unrestricted Economy (Y fare), Business, First, AirPass Yes Yes
Award tickets: Business, First, AAnytime, MileSAAver Yes Yes
Gold status and AAdvantage® Platinum ( up to 8 companions under the same reservation) No Yes
Sapphire, oneworld® Emerald, or Ruby status ( up to 8 companions within the same reservation) No Yes
Active U.S. military dependents (on orders only) and active U.S. military personnel (on orders or personal travel) No Yes
How to change to United Airlines for free?
There is no charge for flight changes on the same day, but there are some rules. You can request changes through the airline's official website or call the reservation department. If you are only at the airport, you can also request a change through the airline's self-service terminal or counter, and the representative will help and assist you in all possible ways.
Conditions for free change:
• You should hold a first-class, business class, or unrestricted economy class ticket
• You should have a United Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum membership
• Passengers should hold an airspace
• You should hold business class and first-class award tickets
• You should have AAnytime and MileSAAvver award tickets
For AAnytime and MileSAAver award tickets, passengers can use the standby service on earlier flights between the 50 states of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands at a cost of $75. Alternative bookings should meet all criteria of the same-day flight change policy.
Standby fee is also not charged:
• Passengers with Ruby, Oneworld Emerald, or Sapphire status.
• The passengers are active U.S. military personnel.
• Passengers travel on orders as family members of U.S. military personnel.
Frequently asked questions about United Airlines flight changes
Can I change my United Airlines ticket?
Replacing a United Airlines ticket depends on several factors. If you have purchased a refundable ticket, the airline will allow you to make any changes according to your wishes. However, if you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, the airline will not allow you to make any changes.

United Airlines can change flights in many ways. You can read all possible changes when you book your ticket.
How do I change a United Airlines flight?
United Airlines flight change policy clearly mentions that passengers can make any changes according to their wishes. Whether you want to make changes online by clicking or make changes offline by phone. However, the airline only requires passengers to make changes through the booking point.

If you involve any agent during the booking process, the airline will not allow you to make changes directly. In this case, you must contact your agent to make any possible changes.
How to change flights on United Airlines for free?
To make free modifications on United Airlines, passengers must make modifications within a 24-hour risk-free window. However, the risk-free window does not apply to every ticket. In some cases, even if passengers make changes within 24 hours, they must pay.

According to United Airlines' flight change policy, if you have purchased air ticket insurance, the airline will not ask you to pay any fees. In this case, end-minute changes and cancellations are also acceptable.
Does United Airlines waive the change fee?
Yes. If passengers contact the airlines, they can get strong support from the executives to waive the change fee.

United Airlines flight change fee is charged according to several circumstances. However, during the pandemic, airlines charge as low as possible.
How much does United Airlines cost to change flights?
If the passenger makes changes within 24 hours of booking, there is no change fee. However, if the passenger misses the risk-free period, the airline will charge a fee of US$100 to US$500.

Please note that the change fee depends heavily on various factors, such as change time, class, and destination.
How does United Airlines change the date of birth?
United Airlines flight change policy stipulates that passengers can change their date of birth. If you wish to change your date of birth online, you should visit the airline's official website, find the Manage booking section, and find the option to change the date of birth.

If you want to do it offline, you can directly call the service center to make changes. The airline will not allow you to make any changes until you submit the documents and go through their cross-checking.
Can I change my United Airlines return flight?
Yes. If you take a round-trip flight with United Airlines, you can make any changes to a single route according to your wishes. However, changes must be made within 24 hours of booking and the booking must be completed at least 7 days before the departure date.
Can United Airlines change seats?
United Airlines flight change policy allows passengers to make any changes to their seats based on their requirements. Passengers are allowed to reserve seats in advance when booking tickets.

The seat change should be completed at least 72 hours before the flight departure. Some airline seats are reserved for special passengers and cannot be provided to any passengers under normal circumstances.
How does United Airlines change seats?
Changing seats on United Airlines is easy. You can make changes in many ways. If you want to make changes offline, you can call the service center or walk to the ticketing center to make changes.

If you are willing to make changes online, you must navigate to the airline's official website. Go to the "Manage Booking" section and log in your details. Choose a seat option and choose a seat according to your wishes.
Can I change the name on the United Airlines ticket?
United Airlines flight change policy is also very flexible for name changes. Passengers can change up to 3 characters for free. They can also change the last name on the ticket. However, the complete transfer of the ticket to another person will not be welcomed by the airline.

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