As they say, “Don’t give up without trying”, and the same is the case with taking the ACT. The ACT is the one major standardized test that can have you gaining admission to the college of your choice. It is a fundamental feat that can make your dreams come true. Consider that there are amazing benefits of taking the ACT, so it’s actually worth the try.

1. All major 4-year universities in the U.S. accept the ACT. You’ll be deemed as college-ready by noteworthy universities if you have passed the ACT. More so if you have achieved an exemplary score. Taking and acing the ACT can have you showing your skills and aptitude, rendering you worthy of admission in your chosen college.

2. You can override your low high school GPA by achieving a high ACT score. You don’t need to worry about a weak GPA in high school if you’ve achieved a high score in the ACT. You’ll be able to keep your good record if you’ve proven that you are worthy of going to college by passing this standardized test.

3. You can improve your score by retaking the ACT. If you didn’t do well on the first time that you took the ACT, you have the option to retake it to get a better score. It’s like being given lots of time to practice. With the ACT, there’s always a “better luck next time” of up to 12 retakes.

4. You can assess your academic strengths and weaknesses. You’ll have the opportunity to look back when you’ve taken the ACT. That is, you can determine on what subjects you’re good at and where you need improvement. You can use this knowledge to work on a better score the next time around or serve as a basis for the program that you’ll take in college.

5. You can be a recipient of a prestigious scholarship if you obtain a high ACT score. If you’ve passed a certain score in the ACT, you can be granted with an academic or merit-based scholarship, depending on a school’s requirements. But a good high school GPA may likewise be necessary in this case.

6. Your ACT score can be a valuable asset when searching for employment. Beyond education, your ACT score can also be useful when you’re looking for a job. You can fatten up your resume by adding your ACT score, especially if you’re new in the workforce. If your score is exemplary, your prospective bosses will be glad to hire you.

7. The ACT includes a Science test, unlike the SAT. Are you a Science whiz? Then it’s your time to shine in the ACT, and particularly if you’re planning to enroll as a STEM student in college. All the more should you take the ACT if you intend to major in biology, chemistry, engineering and other related Science programs.

8. Even if you’re guessing, you just might get the answers right. In the SAT, a small penalty is imposed for guessing, not like in the ACT where you shouldn’t leave an item blank. A ¼ probability of getting the answers right is possible if you guess your answers away. If you apply the elimination process, your chances would get up to 1/3 or ½ to increase your score.

9. Using a calculator is allowed in the Math test. Half the battle of the ACT Math is conquered if you use a calculator. It will lessen your stress and anxiety when taking on this subject.

10. You can save time if you take the ACT. In the SAT, you’ll be required to take several exams, but not in the ACT. Making use of past ACT test booklets is easier because of the availability of these resources whereas in the SAT, these study materials are limited. That’s mainly because the SAT has been revised in 2016.

These are 10 of the fantastic benefits of taking the ACT. There’s more actually, but these simply show that it’s worth it to adhere to an effective ACT study plan and take the test.

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