This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Sagittarius moon sign.
This month your main focus would be on to professional life and partially to your marital life and children and you should deal with these issues with calm mind for your health sake.
If you want to invest your money this month, then do so only in safer instruments as compared to riskier instruments as time is not so good to take any risks but before investing read offer document carefully and amount of interest that you will get and taxes that you had to pay. After carefully analyzing the scenario go ahead.
As far as children matters are concerned, they will feel lonely and tired this month. They will have mood swings and their concentration and focus would be very less. They may have some issues which have to be addressed. They may feel erratic and have changing behavior but this is only matter of time. Till that time take care of them by treating them as your friend and try to give them helping hand and mental support.
As far as your health matters are concerned your health will be in excellent shape and you just had to take balanced diet, maintain positive outlook, do some lighter exercise to remain fit and agile. Overall brighter month for health.
Marital Life
As far as marital life is concerned, it would be average month. At times some issues may erupt that will not be good for family life. You both should restraint from matters that can ignite spark between both of you. Just maintain decency and respect for each other to have better family life.
As far as luck matters are concerned, opportunities may get dried this month, so devote your attention to hard work to make new opportunities for yourself.
You had to put more efforts at your work place to get noticed this month as your hard work may not get noticed this month, but do not lose heart and work in right spirit as better time will come. Overall hectic period and less chances of joy. If you can adjust to situation, then you can cope up pressures.
If in business, this month you had to pull up your socks and put up extra efforts to promote your business. You can get unexpected gains as well but still hard work with sincerity and dedication will give good results in long run.

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