1.What you "think" is ALWAYS anchored by a belief, value, or life experience that causes you to think like you do.

2.When words like "can't", "have to", "should", and "shouldn't" are present there's a strong belief being expressed.

3.How you view your possibilities is based on your beliefs. Beliefs can be challenged and changed and you have a right to do so.

4.Most of our beliefs were formed when we were children and often times are the reflection of what adults in our lives believed. Therefore, a good question to ask yourself about your beliefs is "Does this belief serve me and the life I want to create?" AND, "Is this belief TRUTH, or merely someone's opinion?"

5.You have a right to your own beliefs.

6.We all view life through a "lens". That lens is a reflection of our beliefs, values, life experiences, including old wounds.

7.Confusion, worry, anxiety, anger and frustration are often a signs your inner wisdom is blocked from coming through. The "block" is in your thinking; therefore it's unlikely you'll be able to "think" your way out of a block. The key to transforming these feelings will come via your inner wisdom.

8.Freedom comes as a result of stepping into your fears, vs. stepping away from them. As soon as you step into a fear it starts dissipating. Have the courage to step INTO your fears.

9.Let more than your mindset run the show. Considering giving the driver's seat over to your inner wisdom. It knows what to do next.

10.The path to readjusting your mindset is to step into the unknown, dissect your beliefs, and often times dig up the past. Then you become conscious and once you become conscious you can be at choice.

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