This article covers 10 positive parenting thoughts for the coming new year, 2009. Read on to learn more about how you can become a more complete and loving parents in 2009.

· Involve your children in the things that concern them.

1. Children should not just be observing things like cleaning the house, but also participate in the activity with you. These activities are positive learning experiences.

· Spend quality time.

2. Children need your undivided attention. Don't be doing two things at once while your spend time with them.

· Learn each child's unique ways of communicating.

3. All children have different personalities. It's important to recognize the clues that your child might be providing you. Gestures: facial expressions, arm movements and other non-verbal communications can sometimes give you more information than words.

· Invest the time and energy.

4. Invest more time and energy...than money.

· Respect your child as a worthy person.

5. Be polite and respectful toward your child and they will do the same toward others as they are growing up.

· Be honest and open about your feelings.

6. Sharing your feelings of joy, happiness, frustration, sadness, glee, hurt and more will not only improve your child vocabulary, but emotional well-being. Teach emotional control balanced with emotional release.

· Model the type of behavior you want to see from your child.

7. Don't say one thing and then do another. Be consistent with your actions. Children will follow your lead.

· Recognize that problems can be learning opportunities.

8. Avoid be a helicopter parent; one who flies in and rescues a child from a learning opportunity.

· Teach trust and honor.

9. Building trust with the child will lead to a secure relationship between parent and child. Trust come with allowing the child to have responsibilities that come with: chores, time management, homework, social experience and more...

· Be concerned about developmental quality in each stage of your child's life.

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