Sitting is not designed to be a stillness activity. Our body is not intended to remain still, but to constantly move. There is currently a great deal of interest in the negative effects of prolonged sitting, because lack of movement far outweighs the balance in a healthy lifestyle. In other words, we are doing TOO much sitting and not enough active movement that benefits our heart and our skeletal joints.

Here are 10 tips to stop you from sticking to your seat in prolonged sitting.

Start your day with some yoga stretching. Put your hands in the prayer position in front of you. Bring your finger tips towards you, stretching your hands up and out into a wide arc that brings them back to the prayer position. If you synchronise your breath with this exercise, then you will feel calmer and ready to face movement within your sitting position.

1) Always remember to sit sit on your pelvic boes with your ankles, knees and hips at a 90 degree angle. Put one hand under one pelvic bone and then repeat the other side, move your back until you feel the full weight of your spine on your hands. Remove your hands and this is how your back should be positioned in the relaxed hold. This is your "relaxed hold" for safe sitting.
Lean forward and sit up, so that you can feel the extension of the spine. (Remember to breathe in at the same time) Now relax your back on to your pelvic bones. while breathing out. You should start to feel the difference in these two positions, as you feel the mechanics working between two positions.
Always dress for comfort, but also for exercise when sitting. Remove those high heeled shoes and have a comfortable pair of flat shoes available, so that your feet remain flat on the floor. It is preferable to wear trousers, especially when you need widen your base, so that you can exercise with decency in the office!

Start by creating an active workstation, so that nothing is convenient any more. It means making tasks more complex, so that you have to move around, rather than stay in one place for convenience.

2) Start by moving your telephone to the other side of your desk, so that you have to get up and walk around the desk to answer it. The try taking your calls standing.

3) Now move your wastepaper basket to the other side of the room, so that you have to stand up and move over to its location, before putting the waste inside.

4) Your feet need the most exercise, because the blood in your peripheral vessels are working against gravity to the heart, for obtaining more oxygen. By exercising your ankles and feet with movement, the muscles are helping the blood be pumped back to the heart for more oxygen. If your feet are swollen, then you MUST to do more exercise, to get rid of the build-up of fluid in your feet.

5) Place materials on the floor that you are currently using, so you’re forced to bend over and pick them up. This will exercise your pelvis and create more flexibility in the hips. Remember to keep your feet apart for balance.

6) Create movement breaks as often as you are able, at least every 15-30 minutes Stand up and rearrange your clothing, or just take a walk around your desk.

7) Place other material on the top of a tall shelf, so that you have to reach to obtain them.

8) Set a beep on your watch for you to move every 15 minutes. Visit a bathroom on another floor, so that you need to climb stairs, walk to the refreshment area for a drink, visit a colleague, or just simply walk.

9) Make a point of standing up when someone visits you, creating a new form of courtesy!

10) Lift one pelvic bone and then the other when sitting. This allows you to move in to another position, by strengthening the core muscles in your pelvis.
Enjoy your active sitting experience!

Author's Bio: 

Gail is a qualified Occupational Therapist with an M.Sc. in Health (Promotion, Research & Change). She also suffers back pain and osteoarthritis in her thumbs limiting her functional daily living activities. She is redesigning daily living products for making life more ergonomic and comfortable for living. She is aiming to get everyone comfortable and active in a sitting posture! Her new website is currently selling chairs for making you ergonomic.