Choose appropriate colors

This is one of the first things you should choose for babies. Choosing the blue color for boys and pink for girls are things of the past. With the passage of time and modernity in culture, parents are moving towards gender–neutral clothing in terms of colors as well as styles. Choose gender-neutral colors and pastel shades for newborn and toddler clothing. For example, darker color clothes make it harder or nearly impossible for parents to identify bugs or insects hidden inside the clothes. Darker colors also retain heat, which might not impact adult skin much, as far as baby's skin is a concern, they might feel uncomfortable. While pastel shades are eye pleasant compared to those darker colors. They also help to identify the wetness or spillage on garments easily.

Priorities comfort of the baby

Fancy dressing to go out to parties is an adult priority. While dressing a baby, it is always essential to ensure their comfort. Glittery and prickly party clothes are always uncomfortable for babies.

  • You should avoid synthetic fabrics which are not breathable
  • You should avoid labels and buttons which are a safety hazard to babies
  • You should avoid tight clothes that need to be pulled down from the baby’s head, there is a risk of injury.

We recommend zippers and baby camo clothing for easiness as they are easy to wear and made with poly cotton.

Look for fabric certification

Always opt for certified organic clothing which is free of harmful chemicals and is best for the baby's skin. The fabric should be smooth on the skin, Linen and cotton are light, comforting, and airy. While chiffons and silks have smooth feels and are best for different occasions. For this, you need to go through the tags and logo for the authenticity of the claim. There will also be Global Organic Textile Standards(GOTS) mentioned in there. When exploring a new brand always read about the history, manufacturing process, and refund policies.

Treat baby essentials as an integral part of clothing

Make your mind for 3-4 changes of baby clothing every day. Changing clothes makes the baby feel fresh and joyful. You can also use bibs and apparel that compliments the pattern and colors.

Patterns are fun

Imagine how lovely your angels will look frolicking around in their patterned dresses. If you don’t have an idea or wondering how to dress and baby differently, try matching and mixing the patterns.

Colors of life

Always go for gender-neutral colors. While exploring how to dress a baby, choose different types of colors such as smooth, vibrant, and refreshing. Aqua blue, purple, sky blue, powder blue, and pink are the colors on different occasions. Green is a color that has a reputation for growth and looks lovely with different patterns.

Check out the fitting

If the clothes are too tight or too loose your baby will get irritation and will not enjoy himself. An adequate fitting is always good while dressing up your baby. 

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