Martin Luther King said "Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars." Having a positive attitude is one of the most important characteristics you can have as a successful individual. Your positive attitude will bring you countless advantages in a time when the majority of the world is struggling. I want to congratulate you for reading something motivational because the rest of the world is reading nothing but doom and gloom stories. Here are a eleven ways to stay positive when so many people are extremely negative.

1. You must never let a negative thought enter your head.

You need to constantly think of the most empowering thoughts because your thoughts will become your reality. If you only focus on positive and empowering thoughts, you will be completely in control of your future. Success will become so much easier for you to manifest when you focus on empowering thoughts.

2. Stay away from negative individuals.

Negative people will want to bring you down because misery loves company. Try to help them get positive. If they won't change, then you need to avoid them at all costs because it will only be a matter of time before you are negative just like them. Don't talk bad about anyone because criticism is just a disguised compliment.

3. Stay away from negative stories.

Don't read or watch anything unless it is positive. Newspapers and television are full of doom and gloom stories so you must avoid them no matter what. If you are going to read the newspaper or watch television, make sure it is only positive and feel good stories. You can actually learn from television if you are watching the right programming. 

4. Never stop believing in hope.

There are story after story of humans achieving greatness after failing over and over again. I don't care what others believe you can do, I only care about what you think you can do. You can achieve anything you believe. Never stop believing, because whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't you are right. If you have hope, you will find a way to make it happen. Never stop believing.  

5. Don't live in the past.

Don't dwell on the past because there is nothing you can do about the past except learn from it. Focus on the future and all of its possibilities. You are the creator of your future. You must create your life the way you want it to be. Focus on the great outcomes that you desire. 

6. Find the positive side of every negative situation.

Life is what you make of it. There is usually something positive that you can discover from every negative situation. It all depends on your outlook. Make sure you are an optimistic person. Look for the positives instead of the negatives. Remember what Martin Luther King said, "Only when it is dark enough can you see the stars." Difficult times require your best efforts. You must step up and be a leader when the regular people are looking for guidance.  

7. Look deep for opportunities.

Opportunity doesn't go away, it goes to someone else. There are so many opportunities out there right now it is crazy. Make sure you take advantage of them because you never know when they will disappear. The greatest risk is the one you don't take. Think of solutions to people's problems. It is times like these when ordinary people have become extraordinary people because they create a new opportunity. You can be the one who achieves this success if you dare to be great. Everything that exists in the world today was started by a thought from someone like you and me. 

8. Have fun in your life.

Happiness comes from within, discover what makes you happy and bottle it. Life is so amazing when you are having fun. Find a new hobby or rediscover and old one. Work hard but make sure you play just as hard. Have a smile on your face because they are contagious. You are not here for a long time, you are here for a good time. It isn't a job if you are having a fun time while you do it. 

9. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Exercising will make you feel so positive because you know there is so many health benefits behind it. Exercising on a regular basis will let you live a longer and healthier life. Exercising will give you more energy. It will make you look better. I have been exercising like never before and I can't tell you how awesome the impact has been on me.

10. Help other people who are in need. 

You will get everything you want in life if you help others get everything they want in their lives. Helping people in need is an extraordinary feeling. Mentor someone who could use your wisdom because you will impact their life forever. Spend time with people who could use a friend. Volunteer your time and connections for local charities. 
11. Commit yourself to constant and never ending improvement. 
It is times like this when you need to sharpen your skills and knowledge so you can stand out above the rest of the crowd. Never stop learning because you can learn something new everyday. Read at least an hour a day. Listen to motivational cd's. Learn new skills and knowledge online. This is the information age, use the technology that you have available to you so you can be the best that you can be. Dedicate yourself to constant and never ending improvement. 

Author's Bio: 

Hooman Hamzehloui 2009
Motivational Speaker