Tattoos have been a part of society for millennia, marking our achievements and our belonging to a particular group.

It is also a means of self-expression and projecting your inner self onto a more visual space. It’s as fundamental as writing something down to communicate. Remember the hieroglyphs from Egypt? Those pictorial representations captured the essence of an entire people just as tattoos can capture your personality.

While there are many decisions to be made when getting a tattoo – big or small, temporary, or permanent- choosing the design that is perfect for you is the most important. No matter which of these tattoo designs for girls you draw inspiration from for your own tattoo, choose one that holds significance for you and take care of it as it is a permanent addition to your overall image.

So here are 15 best meaningful tattoo designs for girls :

  1. Glyphs


Whether you are getting your very first tattoo, or prefer small, minimalistic, and unostentatious designs, a glyph is a great choice. You can ink in a very small design that represents significance to you. From your star sign to a pair of up and down bent lines that represent the ups and downs of life. These tiny tattoos are wide-ranging for any message you’d like to remind yourself of.


  1. Words of life

If you’d like something cute and meaningful, try inking in a lone word that represents what gets you through life. Permanently tattoo words like hope or faith, and it will act as a talisman for situations where you need some perspective, or you are just looking back at what helped you overcome the obstacles in your path. You could also try names of those who you’d like to keep close.

Words of life

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  1. Wrapped around Vines

Vines can be a permanent reminder to keep growing and moving towards the source of light. Growing and evolving are necessities of life, and these designs are a promise you make to yourself to keep growing and hustling to reach the big dream you started out with. Ink the vines as wrapping around fingers, wrists or ankles for a nice effect.

Wrapped around Vines

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  1. Floral designs

Floral designs are highly favored as a tattoo design, with many choosing to ink an arrangement in to signify things. Roses represent love and affection, lavender represents grace and calm, while sunflowers represent friendship and loyalty. Floral designs incorporate the meanings of the flowers used as well as the larger design.

Floral designs

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  1. Feathers and quills

Symbols of freedom and power, these designs are an excellent example of delicate and meaningful tattoo designs for girls. These designs tend to look better the more detailed it is. Keep it as a reminder that power can also be soft and delicate, much like the girls who sport the tattoo.

Feathers and quills

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  1. Straight as an Arrow

Representing tension and triumph, arrows are a positive reminder of the fruits borne of struggle and labor. The shaft can incorporate additional details that make for beautiful compound designs perfect to go on the great big list of tattoos for girls .

Straight as an Arrow

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  1. Rings

For anyone thinking of getting a finger tattoo, a ring tattoo would be a beautiful and elegant choice. It is also a great way to express your love and commitment to that special person in your life, especially if you get a matching pair. A permanent mark of your promises to each other. It can also represent a promise you make to yourself, to live your best life.


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  1. Save the date!

Memories are important to us and are an intrinsic part of who we are today. Of course, some memories hold more meaning. So, why immortalize it by inking in the date the special memory took place? You could look at trendy ways to go about it like having the date written in roman numerals too.

Save the date!

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  1. Half tattoos

For those of us who know what it means to be a part of something bigger, try out half tattoos where each half is inked separately and is aligned to create the complete design. This is a particularly interesting idea to try out for couples getting tattoos together. If you can say that you “complete each other”, get tattoos that complete each other too!

Half tattoos

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  1. Drop Anchor

We all need an assurance of safety and support during stormy days, which may be why anchors are a popular element of tattoo designs for even those who’ve never seen the ocean with their own eyes. It may not seem particularly feminine, but with the right design an anchor is the perfect tattoo design for girls ready to explore the world to be reminded of your friends and family who have been your anchor.

Drop Anchor

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  1. Planes

This is the perfect design for all travel enthusiasts who can’t wait for the next adventure. Ink in the silhouette of a plane or a hot air balloon to keep your spirits up till your next adventure. It can also be a reminder to keep exploring even if it right at home.


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  1. Follow your passion

If you’re into any sort of art, music or if you just love to hang out with your dog, try a tattoo that keeps the things you love the most, close to you. Try out a treble cleft, a palette, a paw print for a cute and special tattoo. You can also ink in logos or symbols of causes or societies that are important to you, like a raised fist to symbolize solidarity with organizations working to help particular communities or a tattoo of helping hands for the volunteer work you do.

Follow your passion

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A few words strung together can sometimes lead us to a wonderful new version of ourselves or show us how to get to such a place. Such is the power of words! That is why, it can be a wonderful option to ink in quotes that have particularly affected you. That line of poetry that finally made you decide to not dwell on the past would be a great choice to keep with you.


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  1. Semi- colon

If you’re looking for a cute and meaningful tattoo, a semi-colon pattern may be the perfect pick for you. Keep it as a small tucked away tattoo or incorporate it into a larger design. In either case, the design will remind you that your story is not finished. Wildly paraphrasing Eleanor Roosevelt: your story is not finished unless you let it be! Never be afraid to continue even when it seems pointless or impossible.

Semi- colon

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  1. Heartline

It’s important to know that even when your chips are down, so long as you have a beating heart, you are never out of the fight. There will always be another hurdle to cross, and this design will remind you that you have won every battle so far to be able to be here today. Ink in a self-motivating tattoo for the days you need to give yourself a pep talk.


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Of course, there is always room for experimentation, and we’d be delighted to hear if you’ve tried any of our suggestions.

Feel free to mix some of these designs to get a unique and lovely compound design that truly captures your personality.

If you love music and feel like it is what helps you cut through life, design an arrow that incorporates musical notes or a treble clef into the shaft.

So, choose wisely and rock that look!

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