Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2012!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!

So now the end of year festivities have been and gone, we wake on 1st January and find ourselves wondering what on earth will lie ahead for us in this coming year.
There are various theories about 2012 and some people even say that the world will end; take a look at the Hollywood movie that shows natural disaster, epic, global scale. For many this is anticipated as a year of great change and the latter is something that I strongly connect with.

Before I go any further, I would just like to clear something up... my own personal truth does not connect with the world ending and personally believes this to be a load of old tosh… yes there are a lot of theories based on the Mayan calendar that some truly do believe and that is ok, that is their personal truth.

I am not discrediting any theories here, it’s just not really relevant to my own personal truth and feelings about 2012, so please don’t think me ignorant here, however, I would just like to say my own understand of the Mayan calendar etc is quite simplistic and is this: The Mayans studied the planets and had great understanding and knowledge of the cosmos, as many of the ancients did, in some ways, their knowledge is more advanced than our own is today and I see society, maybe turning back to the old ways slightly in the years ahead to come. They kept records of all the planetary alignments and what they recorded for this period was a great shift and change of the energies alignment which differed greatly to the many other years that they had recorded. The saying “As above, so below” for me, explains the Mayan theory.

If we have great planetary shifts, it does obviously have some impact on the rest of us here in the solar system, i.e. us here on earth and it is safe to see that in the 2 years leading up to 2012… we have witnessed, some major natural disasters and catastrophes on a global scale that have taken us all by surprise, but for me, I personally believe that this all links in. The world as we know it is changing, the earth’s plates and shifting and in the months and years to come there will be even bigger changes that we will witness… but this is about evolution and for me, that is life, ever changing.

So Mayans aside....

The way I tend to view things is by looking into the numerology and I can do this by adding together the numbers that make up 2012 until I come to a single digit and if you've done the math you will know this to be the number 5.
And there you have it! The year 2012 is a 5 year.
The energy of the 5 for me links with change, flexibility, travel. It also brings in a very dynamic energy and with that comes a lot of opportunities.

If we take the number 5 to the tarot now and in look in the major arcana, we will find that the corresponding card, will be the Hierophant and by delving into the energy and meaning of the Hierophant, it will give us a good indication of what this year will hold for many of us.

Ok so here we have a traditional image of the Hierophant and his themes are as follows:

• Tradition
• Spirituality
• Conformity
• Respect
• Establishment
• Ceremony
• Knowledge
• Law
• Values
• Morality
• Education
• Justice

He is clearly a religious and spiritual man, a teacher and guide for others. He is happy and only too willing to help others along their spiritual path, signposting the way.
He is symbolic of the establishment too and shows us an aspect of conformity here and that things must be just and right.

This man has great wisdom and knowledge, but this is not easily acquired, he has study and also gained some of that wisdom through life experience and this is what makes him so able to help others. He has a presence that commands respect too, but this is respect that is earned I feel. There are no shortcuts here with this man, he does things properly and you can expect grand gestures here. Wedding ceremonies comes to mind, as does graduation and other formalities.

The keys in the picture really stand out for me and with this I see great opportunity. The keys are presented to us and keys naturally allow us to unlock something, be it doors or cases etc, but this holds promise I feel, could even link in with premises for either home or business.

There is a strong sense of legality here too and those of you that are UK based and maybe some of you overseas will also have heard about a very prominent legal case here in the UK, involving the murder of a young man named Stephen Lawrence, all the way back in 1993. This was a vicious, racist attack that took place in London and sadly there were many failings by the police and authorities that prevented the killers of this heinous crime being convicted and brought to justice. The young man mother, a truly remarkable soul fought tirelessly for nineteen years, with several attempts at bringing those who were guilty to justice and now in the year of 2012 justice has finally been served. So now as you look at the themes and energy of the “Hierophant” it really is no surprise that justice has finally been served, in the year of the “Hierophant and “5” year energy… amazing eh!

I feel it is safe to say that we can certainly hope to see more of this energy coming in, great changes, truth being ousted and justice being readily served, how wonderful!
So maybe now armed with all this knowledge, you can look at some of the themes here and maybe see how they might tie in with your life this year in 2012, there is some great food for thought here I feel.

I do hope you have all had a peaceful and joyous start to 2012 and I hope that it continues in the same vain for you all.

Much love and blessings my lovelies!
Susan Angel xxx

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Susan Angel
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