I am very happy and thankful for the fact that you can get your hands on the 2017 Inspirational Almanac.

I am grateful because its birth was accompanied by miracles led by Angels.

Here’s the story behind the scenes of the Datebook.

The idea of the Almanac was born during a morning meditation. I saw brilliant pages in front of me, on the cover of ripe ears of wheat.

They were the pages of the Almanac.

They were the coloring pages.

Self-awareness and gratitude journal pages.

Pages of inspiring stories.

When I began to organize the almanac, I thought of it as the easiest task I'd ever had.

Then one day problems began to appear:

- The sheets designed according to the traditional calendar were in an Excel spreadsheet. The file was not open, then it fell apart after an appropriate program.

- The redrawn charts were of incorrect page size

- Confluent of months, I could not paste the inspirational stories

- The program was projected to save by default, so I could only start from the first page.

I felt stressed. A wiped the core of my computer.

I despaired: what's next?

I enrolled in Joe Vitale’s Ho'oponopono course. I began to apply the lessons learned there.

Every morning I did a Ho'oponopono meditation.

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

And miracles began to appear...

There are things which we say are not good or destroy our lives. The program was crashing, disintegrating the files.

And later we realized that it was the greatest thing that ever happened.

I think it's wonderful!

Allow me to introduce the miracles after the problems!

- I met a lady who designs coloring pages. I asked her whether she would illustrate the Almanac coloring sheets. Wendy G Young designed the charming coloring pages that you can now use.

- Instead of Excel tables, the pages were decorated with mandala background calendar.

- Joe Vitale is my mentor. For years I read books and attended his courses. One of my biggest dreams was that Joe writes the foreword to the book. The dream turned into a whole inspiring chapter.

- One morning I heard “Upgrade” in my meditation. I upgraded the computer, But nothing happened.

The word processing program is still not working properly.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks.

“Upgrade!”, I heard again.


What do you think I found?

The latest version of the program appeared 2 weeks ago. I installed it, and the issue is resolved.

Do these wonders exist? Yes, I believe they do. This diary is here.

I feel endless gratitude.

I present the complete Almanac with infinite gratitude and respect.

I present the authors with infinite gratitude and respect.

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy International Best Selling Author of the following books:
How to Use the Law of Attraction
How To teach The Universal Laws to Children
2017 Inspirational Almanac- The Birth of Light (Co-Authored by Dr Joe Vitale)
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