“GAU SEVA DHAM HOSPITAL” is located on NH 2 near Hodal, District Palwal, Haryana, on approximately 5-6 Acres. It is run by World Sankirtan Tour Trust, established in 2010 by Devichitralekha Ji, a Bhagawat Preacher.
Historical Perspective

The cow is extremely lovable to Lord Krishna. Someday, Devi Chitralekhaji (Deviji) saw an injured cow pushing the roadway side and discovered that her problem was preeminent. Right away, Deviji tended the cow and gave her emergency treatment. Deviji was worried about this case and, consequently, could supply correct remedy and treatment to unwell cows in their mind.

Thus, the Medical facility was the First Priority subjective of enlightening spirit, Devi Chitralekhaji (Deviji). This is why 5–6-acre land was purchased for deviji Gau Seva Dham hospital or Gau Seva Dham Medical Facility in 2013 on NH-2, HODAL, Distt- Palwal, (Haryana). At which hundreds of seriously accidental/sick Cows have been treated successfully. Gau Seva Dham Health center gives excellent alleviation to the Deviji and supporters originating across the sea with Animal Aid Donation. When they see illness therapy and unintended cows, they achieved this task dedicated to Gau Mata in 2019.
Facilities Available at Gau Seva Trust
Cancer Affected Cows

Cows coping with Horn cancer, Tail cancer, Leg cancer and all significant cancers developed in cows are dealt with in Gau Seva Dham Medical Facility and a separate ward for them.
Sick Cows

Cows are experiencing typical conditions such as high temperature, belly problems, wounds, Urine infections, maternity issues, and receiving care.
Fractured Cows

Roadway mishap cows having a minor and significant bone crack is dealt with. If cows obtained major facture after that, doctors operate and put steel rod to support the bone. If that fracture is not repairable after that, Physicians put artificial leg for a short time as a treatment after imputation.
Intensive Care Unit

Accidental cows, too ill cows are treated here. Oxygen, as well as various other wellness monitoring equipment, are offered here.
Blind Cows

Cows, which are completely blind from birth and partially blind due to mishap or deficiency of Vitamins, are treated right here with proper care.
Bachda & Bach

Newborn Baby calf bones and also calves coming with significant cows care right here. At the same time, they keep an eye on their health & growth aside from their clinical treatment.
Emergency Ward

Any injured cow which requires immediate clinical support will be given First Aid below before being moved to a ward.
Various other Animals

One ward of dimension 70' x 20 'is for other animals like monkeys, rabbits, deer, pets, and Neil Cows. Other pets that are hurt in a road accident or assault by humans are dealt with right here.

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Devi ji is the perfect epitome of above said words. At a age when a child remain dependent on its parents barely for speaking, at such age Devi ji has successfully preached so many "Katha Shrimad Bhagwat".