Do you think your husband may be cheating on you? I know the frustration and worry that something like this can cause. I’ve been there myself. Let me share a few things that a cheating partner can’t help but do. These are small things that can easily get overlooked, but these are the trail that nearly every affair leaves behind.

* His internet browser history contains strange websites or is completely wiped clean
* He may also begin to use the computer more often, probably alone or when you are in bed.
* He takes an increased interest in your schedule and when you’ll be away to better plan his meetings with the other woman.
* You seemingly can’t get a hold of him while he is at “work.”
* Decreased interest in being intimate with you
* You often find him daydreaming or his thoughts seem to be constantly on something (someone) else.
* There is a decrease in time that he is home.
* He will often start doing new things or taking up new hobbies outside of home or work.
* He may step outside or go to the next room when he answers the phone.
* He doesn’t seem to return your phone calls as quickly as he used to.
* Maybe he opened a new e-mail account
* He starts deleting e-mail messages instead of just letting them pile up like most people.
* You notice odd phone numbers in his cell phone history.
* When you call him, you notice that he has a new voice mail message.
* There are calls on the phone bill that seem unusually long.
* There are unusual transaction on bank statements.
* Or maybe he has started carrying large amounts of cash on him (harder to track).
* You notice strange receipts or other things in his wallet or pockets.
* His clothes smell of perfume.
* He suddenly starts doing laundry himself or separately from you.
* His car seems to rack up a lot of miles on the odometer (especially if he claims to only be doing short errands around home).

Now, maybe one or two of these could be easily explained away and they may not be a clear-cut screaming indication of an affair, but if you start to notice more than just a few you definitely want to dig down a little deeper.

If you’re still not satisfied, you may want to install a keylogger software program on your husband’s computer. This will capture every website he visits and every e-mail he types discretely without him knowing.

Or you may want to hide a voice-activated audio recorder in his car. This will turn on whenever a conversation starts. If he is cheating, you hear him having a conversation with the other woman either on his phone or while the two of them are driving out for one of their dates. If he’s innocent, you’ll just hearing him ordering dinner and the drive-thru window or singing along to his favorite songs on the radio.

I know that dealing with a cheating husband isn’t easy. Sometimes it seems like things would just be better if you looked the other way and pretended that you didn’t notice all these suspicious little things. But in the long run, you know you’re better off getting the concrete evidence you need rather than just living in ignorance.

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Alex Haight is a relationship writer helping women with relationship problems and specializing in affairs and infidelity.