My Husband Is In Love With Another Woman Wants A Divorce: My Husband Is In Love With Another Woman

My husband says he loves another woman is something that all married women most fear of. Couples often find themselves not unconnected to each other when they are living in a very routine life of marriage. Most women, although not all, will have difficulties juggling between work, children, husband and themselves. If you can feel that your husband doesn't love you like the same as before, you have to make some changes to save this marriage.

Even if your husband says he loves another woman, you still need to find out why he went out of the marriage. You need to know what is missing in this marriage so that you can work on the problems and make him want to come back to your side.

Be even better and stronger than before. Your husband will expect you to be needy and emotional when he tells you he loves another woman and you cannot show out any of your desperation. Instead, you should show him how confident and well you can be by staying strong even when you are alone. So, if you want to win back your husband's heart, you have to be better.

Be his best listener again. If you want to make him talk to you about everything he needs, you need to learn how to communicate with him properly. Show him how great you are being a listener and when he starts to feel comfortable with you again, he will realize that you are still the only one who understands his needs.

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The following five situations are metaphors for conflicts that commonly occur in couple relationships. Anyone who is or has been married knows it is not an exhaustive list.

1. "How did we get here?"

Such a response occurs when one partner says something without thinking of all the potential consequences. Of course, we've all done it. And we're bound to say and do many things that don't cater for the myriad consequences that could occur.

Whenever we get to that frame of reflection the moment is pregnant with opportunity for learning. And a good apology will save the day.

2. "How can I / am I meant to accept this?"

Some realities are or seem untenable in marriage. There are both, obviously, but there are also times when we can learn to accept a situation. Many more situations can be accepted than cannot be accepted.

Abuse cannot be accepted, for one. Affairs (without seeking forgiveness - showing remorse - and providing restitution) are another. But most partners who have issues with acceptance have issues they could learn to accept. Practice acceptance and soon our feelings follow.

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3. "You mean to say that we haven't resolved this one already?"

For one partner the fact that a particular issue isn't resolved to their satisfaction ought to be evidence enough that they're not the only party who needs to be satisfied. I wonder what might occur if this aggrieved partner thinks for a moment what it is like to be the other person.

The partner who thinks this question ought to be counselled by reality. Resolution comes with time and perspective and calm minds, and not beforehand.

4. "I cannot believe how many times we've fought about this!"

Linked with the above, this is about those times when we're exasperated in marriage. Exasperation often occurs in marriage. Where it doesn't we may begin to think we've married ourselves, someone 'easy' to understand and accept. There are times in all couple relationships where one or both partners are incredulous that a certain matter continues to cause problems.

Through seasons of exasperation we're challenged to grow personally and interpersonally.

5. "Why have you not changed?"

Oh, all who read this should be able to see the problem immediately. But many won't. There is nothing wrong with the question if we swap out the word 'you' with 'I' - "Why have I not changed?" Expecting our partner to change is often the wrong way of looking for the relationship to grow. There is one caveat though. Needing our partner to change, in some circumstances, is the only way a relationship can survive, e.g. addiction, fornication, etc.

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If you are going through any sort of marriage problems, you know how difficult it can be to cope with. Statistically, half of all marriage end in divorce so you are certainly not alone in your feelings, but in this case there is not strength in numbers. To help you deal with the difficulties you may be facing, here is some advice for marriage problems to guide you through the times ahead.

Communicate Effectively

One of the most important aspects of any healthy relationship is good communication between both partners. The key here is "good" communication, rather than emotionally charged arguments which only make problems worse.

So how do you communicate effectively? Well, it starts with learning to be a good listener. When your spouse is telling you something, make sure you remain calm and do you react emotionally, but rather you must react rationally. Try not to become defensive or aggressive towards your husband or wife, as this leads to arguments and does not solve any problems.

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Build Trust

Trust is one of the most important things you need to have in your marriage in order for it to last. This means that you need to have complete trust that your spouse is being honest with you, but this is only possible if you make it clear that they are able to be honest without being criticized for it.

When listening to any kind of advice for marriage problems, it is important to realize that it is not always easy to work things out between you and your husband or wife. However, if both of you are ready and willing to try your hardest and not give up on the marriage, it can create a lasting and healthy relationship.

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Love is a product of a heart that is built on self-sacrifice. Love is a way of life - not a burden. It is part of a man's daily activities that deserves a reward. Do not forget that any work without an attached reward is burdensome and a waste of time. One of the best work-forces to join is the Love-force because there are great rewards attached to it.

My association with people all through the years tells me that it is one thing to work and another thing to do the work that is rewarding. Love is a work. This is why you must take the love concept as a privileged assignment and not a burden. To be an effective lover, you must be ready to take pleasure in all that you do.

True service is a product of love. To be a true lover, a good relationship with the Almighty God is very necessary. That is to say that the platform for that relationship must be defined by you. This is because there is a clear line between serving God for what He can do for you and serving Him for who He is. When you remove your mind from the reward system - a hunger for what you can get - and truly decide to love God, you will discover in time that selfless love is the only platform for a personal and intimate relationship with God.

The subject of love is the same everywhere. It is the love for God that sets the platform for the love of others. Love does not require gifts to be real, but the real object of love itself. Certainly, what one gives in a relationship is what makes the most impressive legacy, than what one receives. For one to be in love, one's time, energy, money, etc must be spent, without a conscious expectation of what one will receive in return. Where there is a love relationship, services are not based on reward, but on the interest of the one being loved.

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Do you want to be a true lover? Do you want to fly on a lover's wings? Then allow God to live in your life. He is the source of your nourishment and wealth. Cultivate an ever-growing relationship with Him by spending your time with Him in prayer, reading and studying His Word. It is only the presence of God in your life that makes all the differences. When you keep God first, you will be amazed at what He will do for you. Do not forget that the proof of love is not in spoken words, it is embedded in action. It is the love that God has for us that made Him to take such a great action on our behalf - giving His only Son Jesus as a sacrifice for our salvation! Your services to God or man will carry greater rewards only when they are done out of a genuine love (John 3:16).

This is a clear indication that the state of your heart in the business of love is far more important than the love you are expressing. It is a good thing to show love but it is most profitable when it is done with a right heart. Think about that relationship you about to enter or the one you are already involved in. What is the prime motive? What is the driving force of your sudden outburst to that man or lady in the name of "love"? Are you really in a wholesome relationship or you are just trying to answer the call of LUSTFUL desires? Have you given it a thought why 7 out of 10 marriages today end up in divorce? Do you feel that those concerned were not truly attracted to each other? What then could be the problem?

Friend, the way your heart is important to you in the physical, that is how it is in the spiritual realm. A man's conscience is always a tool for right judgment. Allow your conscience to judge you in ever matter of your life. In your reflections, always remember that your outer man is only your reputation with man, but your heart - your inner man - remains the only reputation you have with God, and that is what makes you taller than your equals. Indeed, if God can only see your heart of love towards Him, you will be amazed at what He will put in your hands. He will definitely make you fly on divine wings!

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