Your carpet is showcase of your home and protection of your family. In return ,it's your duty to take care of carpet and you probably do the same from your side. But some mistake do occur that may harm your carpet making its life shorer than expectations.

Let's Look at The Top 3 Mistakes While doing Carpet Cleaning:-

Mistake1:-Rubbing too much on Carpet Stains

When you watch a stain on your carpet,what is your first reaction? "Oh I have to rub it right now to remove stain''.Stop doing this non sense work. By doing this, you are only inviting more stains on your carpet. The mistake you are doing is actually leading you to replace your carpet soon.But how? You must have been questioning yourself. Your fault is that you are forcing stain to spread over nearby area making the stain many times bigger than what it it actually was. Also by rubbing the stain extensively you are decimating the life of carpet fibres.They can not tolerate so much pressure of friction,so they would worn out. Now the question arise is if rub is not a good option then what else? Simple answer is Blot. You have to take a sponge or cloth or paper towel (prefer mostly white as other colours have chances of transferring itself into carpet fibres). Fold the towel in quarter and put on stained area. Apply pressure by your palms or you can put any burden like books or you can also stand on the towel so that the stain or spill get absorbed by towel in maximum range.

Mistake2:- Not Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaner

You want to do all stuff on your own. Right? But some works are there which you can not do as efficiently and effectively as a professional. Carpet cleaning is also such a case. You can do regular care of your carpet but to maintain or to bring back the carpet into its original position,it has to be cleaned professionally at least once in a year.. Professional know the all the science regarding the stain type and which cleaning formula to use for a specific stain. Also,you don't need to purchase or rent the cleaning equipment. The equipment used by professional are far more technological advance. They have low moisture techniques which would reduce the drying time.The germs like Bacteria and mites, which would have been remained otherwise after temporary domestic cleaning ,gets killed by professional equipment.

Mistake3:- Using the Wrong Stain Removal Product

Anything is not for everything. You can not use one stain remover for all types of stains.Various online and offline grocery store are flooded with cleaning products that have very strong chemicals that can do adverse effects on your carpet. The advertisement would lure you to buy with various promotional schemes like discount and freebies but the money saved would be invested in replacing your carpet as many are not suitable for your carpet and can change your carpet color or can damage fibres. Do find natural based solutions whenever you think you can. Try to experiment it in the carpet area where rush is not so much like for example the carpet behind table or sofa. If it goes successful then you can try for other areas also.

In short, when you will be doing your next carpet cleaning ,ensure that you would not repeat these mistakes again.

Hire The Professionals

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