Are noodles not making you sweat like that of a red-faced beast anymore? Do you want to switch to some sorted and spicy Thai foods to give a perfect twist to the tongue? You have hit the right page.

Often, you look upon the web to learn how to eat Thai food, but for that, it’s essential to choose the right tools for Thai foods. You might have noticed people asking for chopsticks when they visit a Thai restaurant. And that’s where they make the blunder!

To set you straight, we have come up with a few common misconceptions that you come up with while visiting a Thai restaurant in Mornington.

You Pick Up Chopsticks

While visiting most of the Thai food restaurants, you might have found chopsticks being offered along with the food you order. Have you ever wondered why that happens? Well, that's because people tend to eat noodles with chopsticks. 

Although some Chinese missionaries have brought the culture of using chopsticks, it didn’t last long. A question might often arise in your mind in regards to ‘do Thai people use chopsticks’? Well, get the doubt clear once and for all. 

When it comes to noodles, chopsticks do hold their importance. But Thai people do not use chopsticks in general. Instead, they prefer to use spoons and forks. So if you want to enjoy your Thai food without ruining its essence, prefer using forks instead of chopsticks.

Expecting Pad Thai in Every Restaurant

There’s no denying that Pad Thai is a common request in every other Thai food restaurants in Mornington. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be expecting the item to be served in all the restaurants. 

Although pad Thai is ubiquitous in almost all the street stalls in Thailand, however, many restaurants still miss out this dish on their menu. You can easily go for Pad Satay, a coconut curry based soup topped with a little peanut butter for a temporary change of taste. 

Thinking Thai Food Is Too Hard To Cook

Although most of the Thai dishes include complex flavours, that doesn’t necessarily make it too hard to prepare.

If you are a foodie and possess the ability to identify ingredients in the first shot, you can prepare Thai dishes at home like a pro. Especially the Wok-fried items are as easy as making sandwiches. 

With a few basic ingredients and spices, you can enjoy the true essence of this Thai dish anytime you want. Even Thai dishes can be prepared with leftover foodstuffs at your home. If you have leftover rice, you can simply toss it with onions, a pinch of garlic and fish sauce adding a few slices of chicken that will give you the perfect taste of Kao Pad.

In a Nutshell

Hope, by reading this article, you have got your misconceptions cleared regarding Thai food. Thai foods can’t be enjoyed alone. Take your partner or family along with you whenever you visit a Thai restaurant and enjoy the authentic dishes together!


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The author runs a Thai restaurant in Mornington that serves authentic Thai dishes which you can enjoy with your family and friends. The Thai food restaurant in Mornington can provide you with great delicacy you might be searching for long.