One of the most exciting ways to use your energy for positivity is to use it for the process of manifestation. Now there are many books, lectures and so much information out there on this subject and it sometimes can be very confusing and even contradictory.

Let’s break this process down to its simplest components. Start by thinking about the manifestation process much like placing an order for dinner in a restaurant.

Step 1) Decide where to eat.
If you are in the mood for Italian food, but you go to a Mexican restaurant, then you are probably not going to be able to order the food that you want. In the manifestation process this is akin to setting your intentions. This process starts by looking at what you wish to manifest, you can be as detailed as you wish with this process. Just like if you know that the restaurant on 85th has the best Pizza in town, why would you go order your Pizza somewhere else? Be clear about what you want.

Step 2) Order your meal
Now you followed through on your decisions by arriving at the restaurant and sitting down at the table. It is time to tell your server what the specifics of your order are. Do you require special cheese? Are you a vegetarian? In terms of the manifestation process this is taking that intention that you created in step one and putting that intention into some form where you place that order with Spirit. This can be by writing it down, speaking it aloud to spirit, using things like vision boards or spirit mailboxes and so forth. There is no wrong way to place your order, but you do have to place it. Many people make it to the table and then they forget that they have to speak up and give the server their order. Your server cannot guess all of the specifics for your meal. Just like spirit needs to focus their energy on bringing you what you need, not determining what that need is; that part must be done by you.

Step 3) Have fun until it arrives
This is the part of the process where most people get in their own way. Imagine that you placed your order with your server and then you follow them back to the kitchen, questioning them every step of the way on if they entered your order into the computer correctly, or if the chefs are cooking that order properly. Sometimes during this part of the process, you even decide to go back change the specifics of your order. All of these actions increase the time that you have to wait until you meal arrives. It sounds so silly when we speak of it in terms of ordering from a restaurant, yet this is precisely what most people do when they are working on manifesting things for themselves. When you cannot fully let go and trust that spirit is taking care of your order, you actually interfere with the process that is taking place. During this time instead focus your mind elsewhere; live your life and have fun. Your order will arrive at the peak of flavor and at the right time, as long as you sit back and trust spirit to do their job. But, if you instead keep asking them where it is or keep changing the parameters of it, well you are just going to have to sit back and wait longer. This is the most difficult part of the process, because most of us have a hard time letting go of the control. But, you must be able to release it in order to receive it.

Manifestation can be fun and easy, as long as you follow the simple steps above and most of all view the process from a place of faith and trust. With just a small shift in thinking about manifestation in this way, you will find that the energy flows easier and that the results are always a wonderful blessing.

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Karen Downing is a spiritual coach, radio show host and metaphysical teacher. She teaches classes on personal development, self-empowerment and manifestation. More information about Karen can be found at