Have you wanted to change the tiles in your house? There are no miracle solutions, apart from gathering the necessary tools: manual tile cutter, electric cutter, water cut, radial saw ... This article will make you an expert.WaterMelon Slicer
What tools to use to cut tiles?
The tool you use depends on the size and layout of your workplace, the type of tile you are going to act on, and the placement method (right or diagonal).
We found three types of tile cutters that allow this type of cuts:Slicer Reviews
the manual tile cutter (carrelette);
the electric tile cutter on a table;
the radial saw for tiles.
An important reminder about tiles: it is not the same to cut earthenware as to cut ceramic tiles from a single mass. Depending on your tastes, the tiles will be easy to cut ... or not, and will require a more efficient machine. This is where this guide comes into play.
What is its operating principle? On a guide, we move to cutting wheel that scratches the tile and weakens its cutting line; then we apply a force on it thanks to the separator and ... we get a tile fragment of the required size.
There are several aspects you should know before making your choice:
Its length determines the cutting capacity of tiles. It goes from 30 cm to more than 120 cm. The width is less important, but it serves to stabilize the tool and also the tile. A tip: to be the diagonal of a tile greater than its length, pay attention to the dimensions of the manual cutter if you plan to placement at an angle of 45 °.
Cutting wheel
The cutting wheel, tungsten carbide or titanium (greater durability) has a diameter that can go from 6 to 22 mm and that influences the depth of cut. Certain manual cutters allow to easily change the diameter of the cutting wheel according to the work, which is very practical. The truth is that it is difficult to cut to 15 mm tile with a diameter of 6 mm.

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