Staying healthy is more important than ever considering the rising rates of cancer and chronic disease in our world - not to mention the expense of healthcare and the emotional fallout. While I personally have healthy nutrition habits and exercise regularly, I do very little specific teaching on what supplements to take or what exercise routine one should be on.

I tend to come from the core of what makes us stay healthy or get sick - mindset. Yes, even disease is related to how you think and feel. In fact, it can make or break you and holistic/integrative physicians already get this.

When we become aware of the role of thoughts, feelings and emotions, we become even more empowered to make healthier choices and actually apply them in the first place. Also, intuitively doesn't it just make sense that if you think and feel joyful and connected to life, you will feel and be healthier than if you are full of worry, judgment and anger?

In our changing times this information that I am sharing is critical. We are generally conditioned to fear change and by the time the "survival" instinct kicks in, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with worry and anxiety if we are not aware of how to deal with our own brain and nervous system. We think that we have a "right to our opinion" and we certainly do.

The question to ask is, what would you rather be, "right" or healthy? In fact, does it really even matter as to what other people are doing in the details of their life and why waste time looking over the fence into the lives of others? Does our opinion about what others are wearing, doing (particularly if it is legal and not harming others) or how they live their lives, really matter?

Will our opinion change them? Does complaining, worrying or gossiping really create the abundant, prosperous life that you desire? Actually, what I know for sure is that our opinions can be hazardous to not only our body's health; if left unchecked, they can drain our entire lives. On the other hand, becoming consciously aware of the power of what we think and feel to attract the health and wealth we seek is the most economical and quickest way to achieve it, and this is science, not woo-woo.

Here is a powerful point: Every thought you have has a type of quality of feeling associated with it. When you send out negative opinions with negative feelings about others out into the universe, you ALWAYS feel it in your own body first. This should give new meaning to the ancient proverb: "Do unto to others as you would have others to do unto you".

You see, what we send out to others in terms of what we think and feel, has to run through our own body's energy system first. Check how you feel the next time you have an opinion about someone, positive or negative. And, you don't even have to say it; just think it and you will still feel the response.

Ask yourself the following 3 key questions to assess whether or not your opinions are harmful to your health:

1. Do they (your opinions) uplift and inspire you? Do they bring feelings of joy? If not, how do you feel? Your feelings are your guidance system as to what kind of energy you are currently running through your body.

2. Do they create the feeling of connection to, or separation from others? Love is connection and stimulates health; separation is fear-based and stimulates disease.

3. How do you feel in your body? Do an energy check - Angry? Irritated? Drained? Or Peaceful, Loving and Happy?

It really matters how you feel, as it is the first step in releasing chemicals in the body that lead to more or less health. Health is your natural state. Disease comes from mismanagement of our power as a rule. Remember this the next time you think that you "feel irritated" because someone dyes their hair a color that you disagree with. Is it really worth it? Stay healthy by keeping your focus on your health (not disease), what you want and how you can learn how to live your version of the abundant, whole life.

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