What does it take to lead in today’s economy? Why do some people thrive in business and organizations and some people falter? How does a person take their life, business or organization from where they are to where they want to be? The answer is found in the 3 Foundational Pillars of Change Agent Leadership™.

First, the everyday leader must be able to lead from the inside out. This means knowing who you are as an everyday leader in business. In order to know who you are, you must first know what you stand for as a leader. You must identify the fears and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being powerful beyond measure. The majority of business and organizational problems that exist today are a direct result of personal problems—the inability to lead the self. The failure to acknowledge your limitations will keep you stagnant and status quo. Always ask, “Who am I as a Leader?” and “What is holding me back from achieving what I want?” Identifying the factors that hold you back is often half the battle. Remember, you cannot change what you do not acknowledge.

Second, everyday leaders must be able to perform at their potential daily. This means living with daily purpose and answering two questions of clarity: “What do I want?” and “Why do I want it?” Clarity is power! Plain and simple: when we are clear, we are focused. Often, chaos develops because everyday leaders are not clear on what they want. Always ask: What do I want? and Why do I want it? Everyday leaders cast a clear vision identifying where they want to be in the future. If you do not know where you are going how will you know when you arrive at their destination? Everyday leaders take action and grow themselves daily--what I call the 3% rule? If you invest just 3% (22 minutes) a day and use that time to grow and develop yourself, you will create unstoppable momentum. This may be reading a chapter in a leadership book, listening to an audio cd, or conversing with a mentor. If you are not growing, your people around you aren’t growing, your business is not growing, and you are not increasing your potential to boost revenue and build meaningful business relationships.

Third, an everyday leader must be a servant leader as opposed to a self-serving leader. In order to get what you want, you must provide value to others first. When attending a networking event or meeting, always ask, “What can I do for you?” instead of, “What can you do for me?” When you do this, you will see enormous growth in relationship development and business revenue. Let’s face it, people want to help and do business with friends, not strangers or acquaintances. When working with colleagues, create an environment of kindness. When you serve others by giving them what they want, you will always receive more than you can ever imagine.

By: Justin A. Flunder
Practical Leadership Author, Professional Trainer, Talk Radio Host

Author's Bio: 

Justin A. Flunder is a passionate Change Agent Leader and founder of Change Agent Leadership™. Justin is an educator that is dedicated to leading Next Generation Leaders with the necessary skills and tools to lead themsleves and others through service.

Justin is the Change Agent Leader of the Flundonian Group (Flun-doan-ian), the Change Agent Company that specializes in the areas of personal and professional leadership and organizational change. Justin's faith has inspired him to study all aspects of leadership applying timeless leadership principles to both secular and Christian audiences. Justin has learned from the best, personally being mentored by leadership expert John Maxwell. Justin teaches life changing programs to organizations and churches teaching people how to connect with their inner leader creating positive results throughout the individual, team, and organization.

Justin's educational background consists of teaching (B. of Ed) and instructing as a Master teacher (Masters of Leaderhship). He has delivered curriculum, workshops and seminars for professionals over the past ten years and he is currently working on his PH. D in Christian Leadership. Justin has hosted his own Talk Radio Show called "The Change Agent" where he has applied his knowledge and experience to people around the globe. Justin's extensive experience with developing educational programs, as a result of working with under performing individuals, has lead him to construct his new and relevant ways to inspire and teach others. "I observed myself, friends, colleagues, and organizations struggle with the inability to lead themselves which resulted in a lack of fulfillment and aided in a dysfunctional culture."