League of Legends (LOL) is one of those games that has gained popularity throughout the world because of its multi-player gaming option and LOL boosting service. That provides easy reach to higher ranking in the game without competing in the leagues and tournaments. There are plethora of websites that deal in the same segment but, its good to check for their pricing to have better consideration of charges. The reason is all these boosting sites charges the user with per win price, which is quite expensive to be afforded by everyone.

Current league

In LOL boosting service websites, there are mainly three options that define the charges for particular gameplay rank boosting because the user has to be charged with PWP (pay per win), as discussed already. In the current league, three options are given, which are also the same for the rest of the other options on the website for game.

All of these options change the pricing criteria, which can be go high or low, and due to that, it becomes more important to select any of them with a proper acquisition. Similarly, if any user has a discount coupon of a website they are using for boosting in, LOL can low their charges. They can apply the coupon along with the payment mode selection, and the site will give them cash back offerings during the season passes sales.

• Division to get the desired rank
• Pack for boost ( Bronze, silver or gold) should be selected properly
• OLP ( options for ranks in different leagues)

These are three points that should be considered before selecting a category for boosting of LOL.

Desired league

Compared to current league desired league is significantly different because, in the current league, a user has to play according to the websites chosen for particular gameplay. On the other hand, in the desired league, a user can select the gameplay on their preference, but the pricing for them; will increase a little high. The beneficial part of playing in these league is that a player can bring more potential in their rank boosting of LOL conveniently. They will also receive higher scoring and some changes in their respect option in the game for free.


Boosting websites like boosteria for LOL has thousands of servers around the globe, and the pricing of them differs according to the selection of a user. As its an online multiplayer game in which a plethora of players play in the same server for maximum rank achievement and to participate in the tournaments for cash pricing. Due to all of that, the site has to manage a lot of traffic on their server, which costs them generally high, and that’s why its good to always select a nearby region server to save the cost.

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