If you are having a bad day here are three easy positive thinking exercises to be positive now:

Positive thinking Exercise 1: Compare things to 200 years ago. The life you lead now is immeasurably better to even the kings and queens of yester year! Are you not driving around in a horseless carriage, do you not have hot baths whenever you want them, can you not find out pretty much anything you need to know at your finger tips? A pretty incredible transformation of the world to our advantage. You really are right now whether you believe it or not living in amazing times, new inventions, technology, science all improving and developing at an ever increasing rate and you are here to witness it all and to experience the benefit of. Now that is something pretty special.

Positive Thinking Exercise 2: Do something you enjoy doing. Sounds pretty straightforward really but so many people know what they like doing yet somehow manage to not do it through not making time for themselves. Hey, look after yourself, take some time out and do what you enjoy doing. OK I know I said these would be strategies for right now but even in your office you can perhaps put on the music you like, contact your best friend or even look at the picture of family on your desk. However you have to make a choice to do these, you might think these all sound to trivial to do and that they won't make you feel positive today, well if that is how you choose to be then so be it but if you do want to feel positive you have got to meet it half way.

Positive Thinking Exercise 3: Failing the above take your two index fingers and place them either side of your mouth now push the skin up so that your mouth makes a nice smile, now remove the fingers and keep your mouth in the same position and hold it for a minute. Yes, science has proven that the very act of smiling makes you feel happy, so you can smile when you have been made happy and you can smile to make yourself happy, pretty cool really.

Oh and I'll throw one more in there for good luck if you are so down and depressed right now (find a locked room if you are shy) and belt out one of your favourite songs, sing at the top of your voice and really give it some. Doing so is not only a highly cathartic release it is also creative, two reasons that it will make you happy, not including the fact that you'll feel a little silly and giggly for doing it.

Life is a choice, choose to be positive, choose to be happy, and happy and positive situations will choose you! These positive thinking exercises can be used by anyone at pretty much anytime.

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