Self hypnosis is the practicing of hypnosis on your own by yourself. Hypnosis itself is a mental state where a subject’s subconscious mind is dissociated from the conscious mind in an effort to reprogramme or heal a certain mental condition. During this state of mind, the patient or subject is under the instructions or suggestions from the operator or the person inducing the hypnosis.

By hypnotizing your mind, you open doors into your deepest thoughts or points in your brain; this can be potentially dangerous especially if you do not male sure to put necessary measures of security. One of the things that can make self hypnosis is unlocking your mind in hypnosis but when you snap back to consciousness, you do not lock the doors behind. This can be a simple but terrible mistake. For instance, it is like leaving a Safe containing valuable item open for anyone to access. There are trigger words that are used to go into and out of hypnosis or just to give directions or instructions during hypnosis process. These keywords can be normal words used in everyday life and the danger comes in when someone else mentions it, whether accidentally or intentionally to throw you back into hypnosis. When this happens, your mind is accessed and you can never tell what the intruder will do to you or make you do. They may awaken fears that were long lost or even cause you other severe mental conditions.

Another risk to this kind of hypnosis is that during the hypnotic state, you somehow give up control of your mind hence your entire self. Anything else happening around you becomes out of your reach while you are hypnotized. If there would be any kind of danger around you developing, then you will not have an opportunity to avoid harm coming to you or you will be late to react to the danger developing. When someone else is inducing the hypnosis, they are the ones awake and somehow look after you during that state when you have given up control to them. The other problem is that if something would be happening while you are under hypnosis and you snap right back quickly without following the right procedure, this can shock your mind and result into a mental condition like headaches that seem to last long. While it took some laid out procedure to get into hypnosis, you should use a certain path to come out of it successfully and not a shortcut.

A third risk possible from self hypnosis is lack of expertise. You may have learned a hypnosis technique that you can use on yourself but that does not make you a professional in practicing hypnosis. For someone to be an expert, you should have studied the art and science of hypnosis at recognizable institutions. There are so many things that may go wrong while under self hypnosis that you may not have remedies to help you out with them. Your lack of knowledge or expertise may cost you dearly in terms of mental health wise.

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