After you found out about your spouse's affair you realize that is too hard for you to struggle with recovering from affair details that are inside your mind and you know you need help to save your marriage and how to handle all the negative thoughts.

First of all for your marriage to have any chances of recovering from affair consequences, is very important to solve an important issue and that is handling and recovering from affair details.

Here are 3 important steps for handling and recovering from affair details:

Step 1: Decide how to handle the affair details. Only the injured spouse can decide how much details should be revealed if any at all. The cheater should respect the other partner decision and tell the truth about what happened because this is the moment to come clean and stop lying.

If the victim feels that recovering from affair details will be much easier after she or he knows everything that happened in the affair, then the cheating spouse must conform and answer to all the questions that the other spouse may have.

Step 2: One effective way for recovering from affair details that are inside your mind is to write down any questions you may have as the victim, about the affair. After you write down the questions is better to look over them for a couple of days and decide if this is really the information you need to know so you can move on.

You have to remember that once you know the truth and it may be a painful truth, there is no going back and you will have to live all your life with that knowledge inside your mind. You must decide if the answers will help you recovering from affair negative thoughts or will only give you more negative feelings that will haunt you even more.

Step 3: Set up specific guidelines for what affair details you want your cheating spouse to share with you. If you as the victim decide that knowing the details of your spouse affair will help you recovering from affair negative feelings and thoughts than is better to set some parameters about the affair details.

Discuss with your spouse and schedule a time when to have a serious conversation about what happened and about the affair details. Doing this will prevent a situation where things will get out of hand. You can tell your spouse that for recovering from affair negative thoughts and images you will only need to know specific details and not everything and no excuses are accepted, just the truth.

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