You know about the affair, your spouse has shared with you some details about his or her infidelity and you are having a hard time passing trough this painful process but you are determined to save your marriage and you don't really know if rebuilding a marriage after an affair is something that can be achieved or even how to start moving on.

For rebuilding a marriage after an affair you will need to work together using communication and transparency to find a common ground and to do that you have to start somewhere.

Here are 3 important steps to make for rebuilding a marriage after an affair:

Step 1:

You have to know that communication is a skill that needs to be learned. You may know how to talk with your coworkers or your superiors or even how to talk with elder people and you have learned this in time but what you should really learn is how to communicate with the most important person in your life, your spouse.

You may think that communication is something natural that it will came naturally just because you are married but the fact is that your communication skills that you used during dating are different from those you really need to have a happy marriage. Rebuilding a marriage after an affair requires different communication skills that can be learned.

Step 2:

Make an agreement with your spouse that there will be only honesty from now on in your relationship. Dishonesty was the main reason why an affair took place in the first place and how can you think that rebuilding a marriage after an affair can be done if dishonesty is still present in your relationship?

I know it is hard for the victim to talk about the affair details because of the negative and painful thoughts and most of all because of the confusion. The injured one is having a hard time believing the cheater any more and everything he or she is saying is under a question mark. But for rebuilding a marriage after an affair you will have to start communicating and try to get past the affair.

Step 3:

Share with your spouse your thoughts and moments when you are tempted to lie again. The spouse who cheated may don't want to share these thoughts because of the fear that he or she will upset the injured spouse even more. Rebuilding a marriage after an affair needs 100% honesty all the time and it is better to tell your partner when you are tempted not to tell the whole truth and why.

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