The biggest problem people are facing when recovering from an emotional affair is stopping the hunting images of their partner’s lover. These images are playing just like a horror movie in your head every single day and even when you sleep you have nightmares about the affair.

Recovering from an emotional affair requires a lot of efforts from both of the partners and some time depending of the situation and the desire of the two partners for saving the relationship. The first step in recovery from an emotional affair is to look inside your heart and thoughts and try to understand the feelings and emotions you are experiencing.

You feel vulnerable because you are not able to escape from the images inside your mind about the affair. I have to tell you that the best thing you should do right now for recovering from an emotional affair is to start right away to stop this cycle of pain. You can do it because this is your mind, and you have the power to overcome these negative thoughts.

I will be honest with you, it will take you some time and effort to stop these images from hunting you and the entire process of recovering from an emotional affair is going to test your limits. The fact is that your efforts are not in vain because you and your partner can rebuild your relationship even stronger than before the affair.

As I promise, here are the 3 starting steps in recovering from an emotional affair and overcoming the negative images about the affair:

Step 1: Schedule the images on a certain time of the day
When you are recovering from an emotional affair is very difficult to have control over your own mind but if you want to take back the power of your own thoughts, just set a time during the day when you will allow the images to come. This will help you to manage the moments when you allow something into your mind and most importantly what is allowed.

This is a subtle shift but it can really help you recovering from an emotional affair and it can be very empowering.

Step 2: When the time come, invite those images in
One trick you can use is to actually think of yourself opening an imaginary door and say to those images to come on in. This way you are temporarily tolerating these unwanted thoughts and when the schedule time end, you can push them back out the door. This small trick can really help you recovering from an emotional affair.

Step 3: Rewinding the images
Just take one of the images and pretend it is on a movie reel and start at the end so you can imagine the whole scene running backwards. This may help you feel better because you are manipulating the images in a way that you like and want. Now you can see that this image has no solid foundation and you can continue recovering from an emotional affair with a stronger mind.

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