Blog Success is something you must earn and is not simply granted to you for just launching the site! The fact is that to develop a successful blog you must be willing to work and invest the time necessary to earn the loyalty of your readers! Although nothing involved here is difficult, the challenges you do face will come from within you and not everybody is up to these same challenges!

Here are the 3 most dominant challenges anybody will face in their attempts to build a successful blog!

Being Confident

This comes with being very familiar with the topic you write about or the willingness to learn through your own research! Being self confident will also make you less hesitant to voice your opinions or choose a topic that may raise some eyebrows! Remember, your success as a blogger will come from how your readers react to what you write, and in most cases their reactions will be favorable provided your information is accurate! As long as you're able to maintain your readers attention you're on track to developing yourself a successful blog!

Inner Motivation

Remember we're talking about YOUR success therefore it's up to you to supply the motivation! Content will need to be developed that will be of interest to those that visit your site but if you're not willing to work to make this happen, your success will be limited! Most bloggers work alone so if you are not driven to succeed and self motivated, you may not be cut out to be a blogger!

Supreme Patience

No matter what your pursuits, most admirable goals take time to achieve and this is no different when building a successful blog! The measure of your success evolves around the loyalty of your readers and of course earning this loyalty takes time! Even if you are willing to work, there will be stretches of time where you'll see little or no 'visual' results and this can be VERY discouraging! On the other hand knowing in advance that this is to be expected can serve to fortify your patience bringing you closer to your goals!

Your blog success is something you must earn and you must be willing to work to do so! The simple fact is that a successful blog is one that has developed a loyal following and this takes time and patience! The problem is that many approach blogging much like anything else in their lives expecting instant gratification from their efforts! The reality is that your readers MUST be convinced that your efforts are consistent and of a certain quality for them to become loyal! There's no escaping that time is needed to earn this loyalty and prove your worth! In the end if you're willing to work to earn this loyalty and possess the 3 attributes discussed above, developing a successful blog is within your grasp!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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