Vision Boards are powerful Personal Development tools that play a major role in transforming your life and living your dreams/desires – if they are used correctly.

Are you fully utilizing the power in your Vision Boards?

Below are 3 ways to unleash the power in your Vision Board and to begin transforming your life immediately.

1) The process of creating your Vision Board

When you make your own vision board, the actual process of deciding on what pictures you will use and where they will be placed is by far the most important part. It’s vital that you properly distinguish what you want first, and then find pictures and images last.

Example: Do you really want to be a millionaire or do you want to be financially independent? Most people don’t realise this but you can escape the rat race and be financially independent with as little as £10,000 income per annum depending on the life style you want to live (my own parents are living proof of this). These are very important distinctions to make.

2) Dedicate 20 minutes a day to using your Vision Board

Generating the feelings as if you were living the dreams on your Vision Board now is vital if you want to bring your dreams into reality faster. The best way to do this is dedicate 20 minutes every day (I would recommend 10 minutes first thing in the morning and 10 before you go to bed) to really feel as if those pictures were alive and were happening to you right now. This is a very powerful process in itself.

3) Do not make the cardinal mistake!

Don’t make your own vision board then leave it out of sight in a cupboard where you can’t see it! Put it in places where you will see it at least twice per day, whether that be on the fridge, in your bedroom or hung up on your living room wall.

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