The First Key is Get Plugged in to Your Power Source. The first step in the process of manifesting anything that you want to create easily is to be able to connect deeply to the emotions that makes you feel alive. When you connect to your emotions you know that you are connecting from the heart instead of the mind. Being disconnected to your emotions will seem like your life is dull and boring. When you are connecting to your emotions you are in touch with what is going on in your life moment by moment.

Therefore just to know what you want intellectually is not enough because knowing something intellectually doesn’t have the juice and the excitement to fire up the process of creation. It takes a heart connection to manifest what you want to create easily. Emotion is the energy or the fuel that is used to shift your vibration or frequency. It takes the power of your emotions to change things and nothing changes without emotion.

To use a road map effectively you need to have a starting and a destination point. In the same way before you can manifest what you want in your life you must know what is coming up for you in this present moment in relation to manifesting what you want.

Even though it’s true that your thoughts are powerful, they are powerful because they lead to feelings, and feelings open you to receive what you want. Your emotions play a powerful role because they inform you about what you don’t want and about know what you want.

They indicate what doesn’t feel so good and what feels good in your life right now at this moment. Those not so good feelings will give you the clues that tell you if things are not in alignment, so that you can then decide to access the emotions that will make you feel good. That is how you shift your vibrational frequency by experiencing those feeling good emotions.

Ask yourself what am I feeling right now about this area of concern, whether it be in your finances, in your relationships, your career, your health or anything else. Then notice what comes up emotionally for you. Are you feeling stuck, anxious, fearful, disappointed, and angry or are there emotions that arise within you where you feel that life is pretty good right now?

Remember that your emotions are your internal guidance system. They tell you what is going on inside of you, and they play a big part in your life. They are here for a purpose, so that you can experience a contrast, and to create anything you must have a contrast. The more you are aware of your emotions and the information that they give you the easier it is to shift the vibration from what you don’t want to what you want.

Although you may think that the starting point of your journey is not important or exciting you are way ahead of the game because you now know how to connect and get plugged in to your power source. You will know by what your emotions are telling you if you need to shift those emotions from not feeling so good to feeling good so that they can bring you into alignment with what you want to create easily

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