There are numerous articles, websites, blogs, magazine columns and such like that all give information and advice about the easiest ways to stimulate muscle growth. So, if there are all these varied methods to stimulate muscle growth then how come it is so such a difficult task for certain people? Well the answer is partly in the question. With so much differing advice about, both on the net and in bookstores, web sites and magazines, how on earth is someone new to weight training supposed to make sense of it all?

The new bodybuilder really needs to merely have knowledge of the essential basics in order to start growing therefore much of this information will be irrelevant. So with that in mind here are three sure fire steps to help anyone build muscle easily.

1) Train hard. Make use of the all time classic muscle mass building exercises such as: deadlifts, rows, squats, benchpresses and pull ups. These time proven exercises will help you build muscle mass easily. Steer away from exercises that isolate individual muscle groups, these are usually not designed for packing on mass but more for carving definition and toning up. Get in the gym, workout vigorously for 45 minutes, stay focused and then get out.

2) Pay attention to muscle building nutrition. For many years experienced trainers have been quoted as saying that 80% of bodybuilding success is down to correct muscle building nutrition. Even today this is still very true! As a rule of thumb 50% of your food should be from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and the rest made of fats.

The following foods are recommended, for carbohydrates: potatoes, rice, pasta, brown breads. For protein: turkey, beef, chicken and fish especially tuna and mackerel. the foods mentioned previously will give you adequate amounts of fats for your needs. If you have the spare cash then it is good idea to try supplementing your diet with the following: essential fatty acids, multi-vitamins, creatine and whey protein.

3) Rest. Muscle recovers and grows whilst you are at rest so naturally you should spend sufficient time allowing your body to grow. Many people new to bodybuilding overtrain and do no give their body adequate time to rest and recuperate. Training each body part twice a week will be more then enough for most people.

Ok, I said it was simple and it is. If you just stick to those basics you too can build muscle easy. Although you can delve very deeply into all of these subject areas in a nutshell that is all you need to know in order to grow. With that in mind get out there, train hard, eat well and grow!

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