There are what seems to be an infinite number of books that provide a formula for success. They will tell you to work hard, pay your dues, earn advanced degrees in your education. The Inner Wizard formula for success, however, is a bit contrary to many of those strategies and quite simple.

There are 3 Essential Empowering Factors in the Inner Wizard Formula for Success:

• Authenticity: Who You Really Are & What You Want to Achieve
• Confidence: Self-esteem and Intuition
• Alignment: Mindfully Speak & Act in the Direction of your Highest Goals

To apply this formula you must first acknowledge where you currently are and get clear on what success looks like for you. What would make your heart sing? If you don’t know the answers to these initial questions you may be on a path that is not your own.

Do you even know who you REALLY are? Do you show up in your life authentically? Or have you become who you "SHOULD be" or are "SUPPOSED to be"? Are you expressing your authentic self each and every day or have you learned to express who you were conditioned to be from an early age? If you are chronically tired or feel unfulfilled then you’re probably living through your conditioning instead of who you came into this world to be, your natural self. If you have a lot of energy and feel good about who you are and what you’re doing then you are living as, or very close to, your true self, your true nature.

How you feel will tell you whether or not you are led by your Inner Critic or your Inner Wizard. Your Inner Critic is the conditioned voice that speaks through self-doubt and fear. The voice of your Inner Wizard is the voice of your truth, your intuition and deepest desires. If you believe your conditioned self is your true self and make life decisions based on that false view you set yourself up for a lifetime of struggle. You’ve empowered your Inner Critic and become it’s victim.

To achieve, maintain and enjoy success you have to stand centered in the truth of who you are as you live and breathe.

Confidence is the factor that convinces you that you are capable of achieving whatever goals you set for yourself. Self-esteem is rooted in how you value yourself. If you have high self-esteem you know you are worth whatever effort it takes to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. Without a healthy self-esteem, you will just buy the books, attend the seminars, buy the gym memberships, make the New Years resolutions and so on, and never follow through. Your Inner Critic will continue to lead your life’s direction.

You’ve already been there, done that. To the extent that you have not yet achieved your dream is the extent to which you have allowed yourself to fall into the trap set by your Inner Critic to keep you safe in your current comfort zone. If, however, you tap into your own intuition you will be guided by inner wisdom to propel you forward. You will naturally focus your energy and intention upon your deepest desires. You will pay attention to your gut feelings – you know, the voice you said you should have listened to instead of making the decision or taking a step that didn’t end well.

The third factor for success is to speak and act in alignment with what it is you long to achieve. Mindfully pay attention to your words, your thoughts and your actions. Do they move you closer to or away from your goals? Do they support success or limit your ability to triumph? If how you think and feel goes against what you intend to create then reach for a newer and better perspective. You must rise above unconscious unsupportive self-talk, procrastination, limiting beliefs and any actions that only serve to hold you back. Even a decision to not do something, such as public speaking, is an action that keeps you from success if getting out in front of people will move you up a few rungs on the proverbial ladder to success.

Once these three empowering Inner Wizard factors are actively in place, your success is guaranteed. You will naturally and intuitively work tirelessly and joyfully as you turn your dreams into reality. You will continue to grow and expand your vision of what it possible for you to achieve reaching higher and higher levels of achievement you wouldn’t consider possible today

You and you alone are responsible for the quality of your life. You have the inner resources to be the deliberate creator of your life experience. By disarming your Inner Critic and empowering your Inner Wizard, you will get out of your own way as you succeed in the passionate and authentic pursuit of your deepest desires.

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