Most people today wish they had more confidence. They attribute lack of confidence to their inability to find a better job or start their own company, or they believe that more confidence will land them a perfect romantic partner or maybe they would do better at sports or any other activity, if only they were confident enough to give their best and try.

Take Risks

One of the crazy ways to gain more confidence in your self is to take risks. These don’t have to be life threatening risks. But they do have to be things you would otherwise not be trying to do. They have to take you out of your comfort zone.

For example looking attractive people of the opposite sex you don’t know in the eye and just saying “hello” or even introducing yourself may take you way out of your comfort zone.
Or maybe returning an item you are not satisfied with and asking for a refund may be outside of your comfort zone.
For some people it is the idea that they can get hurt that gets their blood pumping. They can try bungee jumping or something similarly “out there”.

I guarantee you, if you do one small thing that takes you out of your comfort zone each day, you will gain loads of confidence in no time.

Fake it until you make it

I realize that many people appear confidence to the observer. But if you could peek into their mind you would see that most of them are full of doubt, just like you are. Most of them are not that different.

What separates them from you is that they make themselves try. They fake it until they make it. So if you lack the confidence to try something, just go ahead and do it anyway. When you are done you will be glad you did, and you will boost your confidence tremendously.

Hypnotize yourself

Going to a hypnotist may seem out there. But hypnosis does work for many people. It is simply one of the ways that, just like pre recorded subliminal messages, help you bypass your thinking brain so it can’t block positive stimuli from changing your thought patterns for the better.

Even if you think that it is just like placebo, why not give it a try and go anyway? It doesn’t matter if the effects are real or imaginary, the result will be the same – you will have more confidence in yourself.

Travel abroad

Seriously, apart from using subliminal messages or hypnosis, going abroad is likely the easiest way to boost your self confidence. When you go somewhere where you don’t know anyone, where you are not familiar with their culture or habits and you can’t even speak their language, you have to rely on yourself to get by.

When you realize you will do just great by yourself, with the help of no one else, you will feel an immense boost of confidence that will be a well of strength you can drink out of whenever you think back to it for the remainder of your life.

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Christopher Montrose is part of the team over at Real Subliminal, a world leading company dedicated to recording the best subliminal CDs to help people deal with any problem they may have.

Chris loves to write about subliminal messages and hypnosis and is known to indulge in hypnotic sessions on a weekly basis. He claims that his high levels of self esteem are a result of using subliminal mp3s to boost his confidence