Here in Michigan we are snuggling in for a time of rest and self reflection. Other parts of the world are emerging into Summer. This collective energy allows us the luxury to draw upon the strengths and vibrations of all seasons anytime of the year. Perhaps you are reassessing your life, relationships or bank account. The results may motivate you to keep following your current plan because it is working perfectly. Or you may see areas that need minor tweaking all the way to a major overhaul. Either way everything you need to succeed is already right inside of you. Your heart knows your deepest desires and yet something may hold you back blocking forward movement. We offer you four simple steps to happiness: Reflect, Harmonize, Clear and Seek!

1. Reflect gently upon what you believe about your self. Deep down what is your self talk? How do you think about you? Are you the critical parent, the abusive partner, or suffering from benign neglect? To answer this question listen to what you say inside your head as you make a mistake, are faced with fear, are disappointed or when you “compare” yourself to another. If you treat yourself as you would another then put a smiley face here. But if you are surprised by the instant barrage of negative, blaming, hopeless self talk then place a check here so you know this the place to focus.

2. What do you feel you truly, honestly deserve? This is tricky because it involves taking a peak at what your childhood family held open as realistic and possible, what your community held ideals where, and what past generations brought to the conversation. Write these down on one side of the page. In the middle write your goals. On the right side put into words what you feel today, this minute about yourself in relation to the goal. Are the columns in alignment? What areas need beefing up or replacing? Do you need to discern how your feelings are impacting your reality? Harmonize your wants and feelings with what your subconscious programming believes.

3. Clear your unconscious self-sabotaging habits by uncovering the underlying “bad” programming. Write clear definite goals and visualize them. Repeat these pictures and intentions daily because your subconscious mind learns through repetition and habit only after you've relaxed the critical factor filter so communication can be efficient, clear and complete. Our experience is that hypnosis is one of the most effective ways back into that all important 95% dominate mind. Research suggests the use of meditation and hypnosis to reduce stress and improve sleep allowing you to being present in your life, seeing opportunities and having the drive, confidence and energy to capitalize on them.

4. Seek out support and tools to heal any disconnect. After you have put into words either in print, images or voice recording your clearly focused intentions match them with whatever action is necessary to remove any barriers uncovered in the first two steps. Perhaps you need to give yourself quiet time to meditate or develop a yoga practice. Maybe you hold your feelings, traumas, and beliefs in your body so a massage, craniosacral, or energy word is in order. Is this a time to consider coaching, counseling, hypnotherapy or spiritual guidance? At home practices such as journaling, listening to supportive cds/mp3s or online seminars are excellent inexpensive convenient methods to get immediate results. We have found a combination of approaches often leads to long lasting success.

As I look out at my large heated birdbath I see a tiny bird carefully hoping along the frozen rim until it finds the warm water of renewal. Smiling I thought, “how like our minds. A layer of ice – a barrier transparently separates the conscious and subconscious. The heated water clearly the majority, represented the subconscious and the frozen surface the critical factor filter. The sweet bird embodied the present day conscious awareness connected to goal driven purpose: survival, refreshment, enjoyment, renewal and flight. The conscious mind – the bird is out and about learning, growing, spreading its wings yet always coming back to home base. Checking in, moving on. As a caregiver to that bird I replenish the water. I supply the energy. I do this dependably with love. If I want that bird to flourish I put in clear fresh water, I keep the energy flowing, cleanse and trust it. In a Jungian way, we are all of the above. We are the sturdy dependable birdbath. We are the warm water of belief. We are the vibration and energy source keeping those beliefs fluid. We are the frozen barrier. We are the bird taking alight on the branch seeking out our goals, satisfying our needs, enjoying the experience of flight.

Keep your water pure. Fill your reservoir with life affirming thoughts and beliefs. Keep the energy flowing strong. Develop the habits and practices that support your little conscious bird. Learn to lower the barrier when it's time. Reflect, Harmonize, Clear and Seek.

Author's Bio: 

Emerald Dream Hypnosis, LLC., Tom Day and Kathy Murphy Juhl (mother and son) are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Co-Owners of Emerald Dream Hypnosis and Co-Creators of The Path. We have a passion for supporting others in the creation of their dreams and happiness.