Many people struggle with their belief in themselves. They believe that if they could only improve their self confidence they would magically have a much better life – their relationship would flourish, or their boss and colleagues would acknowledge their hard work, or the opposite sex would find them more appealing or maybe they would have the guts to go after what they want.

This is not far from the truth. The results do not happen instantaneously, but they do come as a result of having more confidence. So let us get on to a few simple tips that give results.

Dress nicely and Groom yourself regularly

This can’t be stressed enough. It is true that we should not judge the worth of a person by the way they look, but the simple reality is that we do. If you look bad, you feel bad because you get a different vibe from people doing normal things you do thorough your day.

Look good = feel good.

Think positive and eliminate negative thoughts

How often do you hope for a best out of a situation, but you catch yourself not really believing that what you hope for will happen?

Learning to thinking positive by eliminating negative thoughts is a process. The more you catch yourself when you have a negative thought, the more you will be able to consciously change it.

One of the ways you can help yourself to achieve this faster is to listen to a hypnosis album recorded to help people eliminate negative beliefs. They are not a magic cure, but they do help. Positive attitude and self confidence go hand in hand.

Be kind, generous and smile more

Being kind and generous is not just about giving money to a homeless guy on the street. Take the time one day to smile at every person you pass by, and you might be amazed by the results. You will not only brighten their day, but yours too. This will reinforce positive feelings within you.

Smiling is almost as powerful as helping those that are in need. There has to be a cause you care about, weather it is underprivileged children, animals that are treated badly or the exploitation of Mother Earth.

Join a volunteer group and help expand awareness about a cause you care about. This will boost your confidence tremendously as you will learn that each individual has the power to change things that they think need changing.


It is simple. If we don’t take proper care of our bodies, then they can not function as they should. Exercise releases stress and releases dopamine which is responsible for the good feelings.

Take an hour of your time and hit the gym, go to the aerobics class or just take a long walk. You will feel better for the whole day as a result.

Gaining self confidence is all about small, gradual daily changes. It does not happen over night, but if you are persistent and build upon it each day soon enough you will realize you have more confidence than you ever thought possible.

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Christopher Montrose changed his life when he stumbled upon hypnosis. With the help of self confidence hypnosis mp3s he was able to turn his life around.

Today he is part of Natural Hypnosis, a leading brand in hypnosis audio mp3s and CDs recorded to help enrich your life and take care of your problems. You can listen to ssample hypnosis albums by visiting their page here.