Resiliency is an important personal quality that, like most important qualities, must be cultivated. While some are innately more resilient than others, it's always worthwhile to build on what you naturally possess. Below are four sources that you ought to use when trying to improve your personal resiliency.

Religion and Philosophy

Religion and philosophy have been cornerstones of the human experience. These are sources that many turn to for comfort and understanding, but they can also be quite useful for those who are looking for ways to build themselves up as a person. Looking for answers to questions like "how did God "rest"" or "what does it mean to be strong" in the various holy books and writings can help you find ways to incorporate new strengths into your own personality.


A great way to learn how to become more resilient is to read about those who have been through great struggles. There are thousands of tales written by people who have not only gone through the worst things in history, but who have also managed to persevere. Reading about the techniques that others have used in the darkest parts of their lives is often a good way to make sure that you're able to do the same when things get tough.


History is another great source for learning about resiliency. This allows you to look at what the human race has faced as a whole and how humanity has been able to survive and thrive. Look for books not just subjects like war or pandemics, but also books about great building projects or nation-building. These sources may have lessons that you can take to heart and to make use of in your own life.


Finally, try to look at psychology. For some, this might mean going to see a counselor. For others, it might mean reading books on human behavior. No matter what you choose, your goal is to start understanding more about how your mind works. This will then allow you to start incorporating techniques to strengthen your own mind and to manage the stress and sorrow that can come from daily life. While not everyone feels comfortable talking to a therapist, everyone can benefit from learning more about how human psychology works.

If you want to become more resilient, you need to look at the paths that others have followed towards the same goal. Whether it's religion, history, or science, you'll find tools that you need to succeed. In time, you can incorporate all of those lessons to become a more resilient person.

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