Have you ever experienced having totally conflicting feelings or desires about something?

I'm sure you have but I'll give some examples.

Wanting to become vegetarian and wanting to eat chicken occasionally
Wanting to wean your kids to their own rooms but wanting to snuggle with them
Wanting to be an overwhelming success and not wanting others to find out

I myself suffer from confliciticus thoughticus (yes I just coined the term, feel free to use as you wish)For the longest time, I let the fear of what other people thought or would think keep me from going after my dreams. It was almost paralyzing. Fortunately I was able to really deal with my fear. Here are some tips for getting over the fear of success.

Quit the down talk

That little voice in your head that is constantly piping in and offering it's unfounded opinion about everything you think say or do, needs to hush it up. Don't let the negative self talk dominate your thoughts. Every time she creeps in with a negative thought, counter it with a positive one. Show her who's boss.

Be a little selfish

There is nothing wrong with going after what you want. I am certainly not advocating for tunnel vision in regards to pursuing your goals. We still have to do the laundry and feed the kids. I am however saying, make some adjustments to your schedule to allow for more creative time for yourself. If your boo has to pitch in to take some pressure off, let him know. If the kids need to start helping with more duties around the house, so be it. In all honesty this one seems like a win win!


Give yourself the silent treatment. You don't have to climb the highest hilltop and meditate for hours. Simply find a spare 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Quiet you mind and focus on your breath. You'd be surprised how productive your mind is when you empty it of the extra stuff

Confront It

Visualize what success feels like. Ask your self what is the worst that can happen? Go ahead. Imagine what the worst that could happen if you succeed. Say your business takes off like gangbusters. You are able to quit your full time gig, work from home, pay off your bills, and set your schedule. What happens then? Well your friends could get jealous of your success. People could find out that shriek! you're an entrepreneur. Big fat so what! Is that really a bad thing? I'm going to go grade school on you. If your friends get jealous-their not your friends.

Don't get in your own way. Allow yourself to succeed.

Hug and such,


Author's Bio: 

Alicia Edmonson is a Life Coach and Holistic Practitioner. Avidly interested in Angels she incorporates angelic spirituality into her practice and products