We also need to take care of our nails as much as we take care of our skin and hair. Whenever you feel like pampering, check your nails if they also need a much-needed manicure or pedicure. Remember that getting a manicure and pedicure doesn't just mean that you look prettier. During a manicure or pedicure, your nails are being treated to replace lost supplements. When you get a foot or hand massage after a manicure or pedicure, you also make sure that your hands and feet are rejuvenated. There are 4 types of manicures and pedicures and these are the following:

1. Regular manicure and pedicure - You can call this the basic treatment. It involves soaking your hands and feet in soapy water. This process helps smooth dead cells so they can be easily removed. After which, your nails will be cut and your feet and sole will be washed. The nail technician will also apply the nail polish you like best. Then, a brief hand or foot massage will be performed. If you don't like wearing nail polish, you can go for a more natural look by opting for nail polishing.

2. French Manicure or French Pedicure - This is the most common and perhaps the most popular type of manicure treatment, especially among women. It is classic, elegant, simple, clean and elegant, and perhaps this is the reason for its popularity. A French manicure or French pedicure involves applying translucent neutral colored nail polish and then white tips.

You have the freedom to choose the shape of your nails. Oval, square or round, the choice is yours. When the process is complete, your hands and feet will hydrate to maintain your health. Usually a quick and pleasant massage will also be included in the treatment.

3. Nail spa: This process is usually longer and more expensive compared to other manicure and pedicure treatments. Fingernails and toenails receive special treatments and is generally a relaxing process. Depending on the room, special ingredients are added to this treatment just to make them more unique and special than the other rooms,https://mediaonemarketing.com.sg/top-manicure-pedicure-singapore/.

Of course, regular mani and pedi treatment is included in this special spa treatment. In addition to these, you can also enjoy a short reflexology massage. Other salons also include a hydrating treatment to maintain and rejuvenate nails, cuticles, and skin.

4. Paraffin: This is a waxy substance that is used to hydrate the skin. It is an alkaline substance that wraps around the feet and hands so that it can fully filter through the skin. Apart from this treatment, regular mani and pedi are also included in the treatment.

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4 types of manicures and pedicures