Because the modern world is constantly changing and evolving, more and more of us find ourselves spending an increasing amount of time sitting at desks. In fact, in the US alone, it is thought that 86% of all Americans spend the majority of their working day sat at a desk.

As beneficial as modern technology is, it has brought with it a series of new problems, namely those relating to our weight, our waistlines, our posture, and our necks and backs in general. You see, the human body was not designed to be sat slumped at a desk at a computer for hours on end, and consequently, our health is suffering, and chiropractors are busier than ever.

Lately, though, more and more offices have started to incorporate standing desks as part of their daily operations, and so far the results are looking incredibly promising.

A standing desk is a specially designed desk which enables a worker to stand and work at their computer/paperwork collection, rather than sitting.

To help you get more from your standing desk, check out these useful tips.

Don’t stand for too long

In order for you to get the most from your standing desk, and in order for you to avoid stiff and sore joints and muscles, experts recommend that you alternate between periods of standing and sitting.

Experts have suggested that there is evidence that you should spend no longer than 2 hours at a time, sitting or standing, so ideally you should alternate between the two as soon as you start work.

You should also make sure to have a 5-minute break every 25 minutes, just to do some gentle stretching and loosen everything up.

Make sure your feet are comfortable

If you’ve ever found yourself wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you will know painfully well, just how awful they can make you feel and how painful they can be on your feet. When you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, the last thing you want to do is stand up in them for long periods of time.

Invest in comfortable shoes for your feet, and consider using foot massagers and rests to ensure that your feet are as well looked after as they can be.

Leave your desk at standing height

Many standing desks are adjustable, meaning you can adjust them to standing height, or sitting height.

When you clock off for the day, make sure that your desk is left at standing height, as that way you’ll get used to standing as soon as you get to work in the morning, rather than sitting.

Make sure it is ergonomically correct

The thing about human beings is that we are all shaped and sized differently. Because of this, a 6ft 3-inch man will not have his desk set at the same height as a 5ft 4-inch woman. The pair of them would both suffer with neck and back issues if they tried using the desk at the same height.

Standing desks are adjustable, so before you start work, make sure you adjust the desk so that it is roughly elbow height, with the top of your computer screen roughly level with your eyes.

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