When it comes to finding a long-term partner and entering into a loving, respectful, and dedicated relationship, you want to find someone who is loyal.

Although most individuals look for loyalty, almost demand it, and certainly want it in a relationship, it’s not a trait that is talked about as often as sexual chemistry or the stunning looks of the one you are dating.

It is very important to distinguish that even if your partner has never been unfaithful, doesn’t mean that they cannot be disloyal to you.

With this said, we are going to take a look at what a disloyal partner looks like who hasn’t been unfaithful yet and what the five obvious signs are of a partner who is unfaithful.

What The Unexpected Signs of a Disloyal Partner Are

One of the main reasons why we become so devastated to learn about an unfaithful partner is due to the fact that we had believed them to be loyal to us thus being blindsided by their actions.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception here that someone who is disloyal to you is someone who has been unfaithful to you and that is not always the case.

There are some signs that you can look out for that will tell you whether your partner is disloyal to you, even without there being any infidelity.

1. They Downplay The Relationship: this could be as subtle as not mentioning you when they introduce themselves to as extreme as taking off their engagement ring or wedding band.

If they imply that they are single or that they are looking, they are being disloyal to you.

2. They Are Flirtatious With Others: yes, there is such a thing as disloyal flirting. When a partner is flirtatious with someone else in an attempt to capture attention or explore how the other person feels, this is disloyal regardless if there is anything physical or not.

3. They Say They Are Unable to Think Long-Term: when a potential partner views the relationship as temporary, they may not remain loyal to you because they are not placing an emphasis of importance on the bond.

Key signs are wanting to take the relationship day by day and never talking about the future with you.

4. They Do Not Respect You: when it comes to respect and loyalty, these traits go hand-in-hand. Respect means that your partner has admiration for you and has the ability to understand that you see life differently than they do.

When you celebrate each other’s differences, there is room for growth, understanding, and new perspectives. The inability to respect you may mean they are not invested enough in you.

5. They’ve Cheated Before But Have Not Addressed it With You: although it is very important not to hold someone’s past against them, if they have cheated in a prior relationship and have not addressed the root cause of it, it may mean that they have loyalty issues.

Now that we know some of the signs we can watch out for when it comes to disloyalty, let’s take a look at the five obvious signs that your partner is being unfaithful to you that you may not recognize as signs right away.

1. They rarely call you by your actual name. One of the main reasons for this is because they don’t want to mix up your name with the person they are cheating on you with.

Instead, they will only call you by pet names or nicknames constantly.

2. They choose to not participate in public acts of affection. Holding your hand or giving you a quick peck on the cheek isn’t all that much to hoot about, but if they refuse to do any public acts of affection, there could be a sinister reason as to why.

3. They act differently in public or around groups of friends. If your partner is super affectionate when it’s just you but their behavior changes when they are around their friends or around the opposite sex, they could be trying to appear open to possibilities.

Some behaviors to look out for is a lack of public affection, indifference towards you, hostility, and bickering or putting you down in front of others.

4. They are paranoid about you cheating. If they are constantly convinced that you are talking with an ex-partner or flirting with someone else, chances are they are subconsciously projecting their behavior onto you.

The subconscious brain does this to remove part of the blame and the guilt they feel. Ask to have an open phone policy and see how they react, their reaction will give you a big clue.

5. They do not deactivate or delete online accounts. If your significant other told you that they simply forgot to delete their online dating accounts or applications once you guys got serious, this could be a huge red flag.

Another common excuse you will hear is that they just don’t care enough to go through the process of taking it down. The nail in the coffin though is if you see that there has been recent activity on the app.

By no means is the above list all of the signs you could look out for but these ones tend to go under the radar because you will get accustomed to their behavior.

If you see a pattern in how your significant other treats you or acts around others and are unsure of their loyalty, remember to not be hostile or combative towards them as this type of confrontation will only cause a negative chain of events.

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