Is it possible for students to prepare for a stronger base in MBA right from their graduation? Yes, it is. BBA or bachelors in business administration is a 3-year undergraduate course that equips students with the right knowledge and skills about management, and also thoroughly prepares them for the management world. The BBA course covers the basics of all the major courses that come under an MBA. As a result, the soaring popularity of this course has resulted in a lot of applications in BBA colleges in Odisha and elsewhere.

However, if you are not convinced entirely, here are 5 reasons why you should do BBA.

1. Strengthen your base

BBA teaches students various aspects of management that are necessary to thrive in multiple businesses. It can be operations, sales & marketing, finance, etc. It thus solidifies the basic concepts of each field and helps you make an informed decision depending upon your interest. If you plan to pursue an MBA, this helps you a lot.

2. Diverse fields

One of the main strengths of this course is the diversity it brings for graduates to choose a job profile of their choice. Successful graduates can select a range of jobs from various fields like HR, sales & marketing, finance etc.

3. Case studies and practical knowledge

The major criticism of the Indian education system is its over-reliance on theoretical approach rather than the practical one. BBA stands out from the rest of the courses. Most of the subjects are taught through case studies and hands-on practical knowledge. Usually, the case study method of learning is reserved for the various master's program. BBA makes sure students have an early dose of it, which makes for a smooth transition if they pursue an MBA in the future.

4. Personality development

If you are an extrovert, BBA is a tailor-made course for you. But if you are an introvert, BBA will literally drag you out of your comfort zone. Your communication and presentation skills have to be spot on all the time to survive in this course. This experience will help you greatly in your professional career.

5. Various specialisations

BBA opens up a lot of opportunities, specifically in the field of advertising, banking, consultancies and so on. Some of the significant job profiles you can bag are Financial Analyst, Business Development Executive, Project Manager, Marketing Executive, etc.

If you can relate to any one of the reasons here, BBA should be your graduation course. In case you want to pursue an MBA after completing BBA, the most ideal career path, in my opinion, check out the best MBA colleges in Odisha and elsewhere.

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