Every career, every job, has it’s own unique daily uphill battles and nobody is immune to the havoc that these battles can cause to their mindset and their overall well-being…take heart though, they’re just temporary little hiccups that can be overcome with the minimum of effort and fuss..!

There are of course lots of little tricks we can use to give us a hand with our everyday, work related stress provokers, but being only human, we’re all different and tend to handle our stress in many different ways…the following are generically usable by everybody…

Stress Reliever No.1…”Swallow The Frog”

hehehe…gives “a frog in the throat” a whole new meaning doesn’t it..?…this is not quite as bad as it initially sounds though…let me explain…

• It’s a well known and very simple analogy…If you’re worse job of the day is to 
• swallow a live frog, whole – then make that the highest of priorities…get it done first…! Every chore that comes after this would just seem drop-dead easy – right..?
• We’re all guilty of prevarication and procrastination – the art of putting off the big things, because the little things are just so much easier to do…laziness folks…simple..!
• Get that big, uncomfortable pain-in-the-butt job done sooner rather than later and you’ll see that everything else you need to achieve after that is just a breeze – you’ll get through the rest of your day with a lighter heart and a (probably silly) smile on your face.

 Stress Reliever No.2…Visualisation

• Visualising your goals, your desires or your place of happiness is a great tool you can use anywhere – so why not for your workplace..? Focus your mind on completing the task-at-hand and what it would be like when complete…refreshing..!
• Take a minute or two and carry out some relaxing breathing exercises – breath in deep, hold for a few seconds, then breath out slowly – a few repetitions works wonders…lunch-time may be ideal for 5-10 minutes of “you” time..?!
• Visualising a “happy place” coupled with a little breathing control refocuses your whole mindset and clears your road ahead..!

 Stress Reliever No.3…Task Lists

• List your daily tasks – use a daily desk top diary – maybe you’d rather create your lists electronically…it doesn’t matter so long as you create that list of issues and tasks that you need to work through.
• Wherever possible, prioritise your tasks and follow those priorities – remember; “Swallow The Frog..!”
• Scratch off each task as it’s completed – if you didn’t manage to scratch a task off today, transfer it over to the next day…as a higher priority..?!

Stress Reliever No.4…Save a Little

• We don’t always realise it, but there’s quite often negative thoughts rattling around somewhere in our mind with regard to the possibility of being sent packing from our job – for whatever reason…a little preparation will alleviate the stress this brings.
• Planning ahead is key…save a little of your salary each pay-day – try for at least 6 months of survival money locked away and untouched in your savings account, 3 months minimum.
• Don’t get caught by surprise by sudden changes in events or company fortunes – been there, done that..!..not good at all.

Stress Reliever No.5…Your Health & Nutrition

• Eat as healthy as you possibly can while you’re working…it’s easy to get into the habit of snacking on junk from vending machines or the fast food outlet just around the corner from the office…disastrous..!
• There’s a lot of merit in the old saying that your dear ol’ mum was always 
throwing at you; “Eating All That Junk Is GoingTo Catch Up With You Later”…she was dead right, it’s inevitable that the wrong stuff going INSIDE will eventually (pretty quickly as we get older) show on the OUTSIDE, causing you further stress about weight, shape etc.
• Your good nutritional health and physical condition is critically important for your energy levels and your upkeep of a positive mindset…which in turn, of course, forms one of the major conditions toward your future Health, Wealth and Happiness..!

Stress is a terrible and debilitating thing – it’s sneaky and destructive and effects us in all kinds of uncomfortable ways...

It effects a whole lot more than your mental health…it has disastrous physical effects – physical exhaustion, bad skin, stomach problems, really “bad-hair” days and of course the more serious issue of what stress can do for your heart condition.

Take some “you” time at work and breathe, list and prioritise, take care with your dietary needs and move forward on your road to Health Wealth and Happiness..!

Here’s something – from James J. Metcalfe – that’ll help clarify things a little further:

I get discouraged now and then
when there are clouds of grey,
until i think about the things
that happened yesterday.
I do not mean the day before
or those of months ago,
but all the yesterdays in which
i had the time to grow.
I think of opportunities
that i allowed to die,
and those i took advantage of
before they passed me by.
And i remember that the past
presented quite a plight,
but somehow i endured it
and the future seemed alright.
And i remind myself that i
am capable and free,
and my success and happiness
are really up to me.

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