The Importance of Taking Action No Matter What - Just Do It

Its been a while since I wrote. Hope all is wonderfully in your world. As we enter the last quarter of the year, thought it was time for an email and some sharing.

Lately I've noticed that people are already saying things like "Leave it to next year", "Tomorrow", etc and I want to say today is, please don't wait!

Tomorrow Never Comes
There is no truer statement than tomorrow never comes (aside from "we all pay taxes!"). You can't plan to be happy tomorrow, that's in your power to decide right here, right now.

The same goes for taking action around goals, dreams and desires that you have.

Why wait? Just Do It! Ok, so maybe there are factors outside of your control stopping you.... So what can you do to align yourself with your goals or purpose...

5 Steps To Goal Success
1. Break down goals into small achievable tasks especially when you are starting out. This reduces the feeling of overwhelm or impossibility. Take action immediately, even if its call, looking up some information. Any action that aligns you to your goal is great (Think Law of Attraction and Law of Cause and Effect)

2. Always have time lines, milestones, check-in dates to keep you on track.

3. Adjust if needed. Be aware of what is working and what is not working. Failure is a good thing. We learn from it. So if things aren't going to plan, change direction.

4. Have your goals written down, reflect and reread them as follows:
- Long term goals - rewrite and update once-a-year
- Short to medium term goals - Rewrite every 6 months, read monthly
- Short terms goals and tasks - Read daily!! Be inspired into action. Have them beside your bed, on the bathroom mirror, in a journal that you look at each morning

5. They say a problem shared is a problem halved. I say the same about goals, however in the positive: A goal shared gathers momentum and support, so be don't afraid to share your goals with your inner circle...

Let those around you support you energetically, emotionally and accountability wise...

Remember Life's a Playground, Lets Play People....!

What are your thoughts on Goal Setting, Writing Goals, Seeing them through to completion? How many of you do it? There is only now. So don;t until January 1st 2013 to take action. Go Play!!

Author's Bio: 

Janet McNally is a entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, motivational speaker and broadcaster. She is the Founder of Life Playground a place dedicated to inspiring other into take action through a number of self development programs on offer. Life Playground is about bring the childlike wonder back into life, allowing you to access the unlimited possibilities for yourself. Ready to Play?